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Babeu is still the man! I hope he gets elected and continues his great public service of trying to save this nation from the destructive Left.

That's right MSM, TEA Party still anti gay? It never was.

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The free market is where the Government goes to confiscate the money used to give you your free $h!t, you ignorant losers.

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Yeah, their otherwise referred to as colleges and universities.

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If you recall a couple years back, this jackass called for a boycott of businesses IN HIS OWN DISTRICT, during a recession, over the AZ illegal immigration law.
He mostly flies under the national radar, but they don't come much more Leftist than this guy, he's Pelosi, Reid, Waters, Jackson Lee status.

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The Nobel Prize has basically become the "Liberal of the Year" award.

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As if this liberal, elitist, wizard of smart gives a flying F about northern Mississippi, or anyone else between the western edge of Manhattan or the eastern edge of S.F. He's probably a millionaire, and most of his elitist jerk friends are too so why do they give a crap about $8 gas? They can afford it, and they don't give a damn about who can't. Hey, those pleabs deserve to suffer anyway, they've had it too good for too long, now it's time to find out what the rest of the world lives like!

Do these clowns really believe that if THEY get gas to $8 or whatever a gallon, that's it's gonna stay there in perpetuity? As if no one is gonna come along later and do what it takes to get it back to normal? They understand their in Washington TEMPORARILY, right? There just ensuring their defeat in November, while their green dreams crash and burn, and we remain dependant on foreign oil and send hunderds of billions of dollars of wealth a year to countries that hate us.

When the free market comes up with a solution to replace oil, THAT'S when it will happen. You can't will it into being with ludicrous laws and unattainable regulatory standards cooked up by rabid idealogical headcases.

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He bailed out the car companies with a top reason being to spare the Union contracts from being dissolved. Those fat contracts basically double as DNC contracts in the form of donations and votes.
GM and Chrysler would not have vanished into thin air if they filed for bankruptcy, bankruptcy is there to SAVE companies from extinction if it is at all possible. Given the sheer size of GM and Chrysler, they would have survived a proper bankruptcy.

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Hard to deny he's wrong on that, just look at the facts.
-His radical base hates Oil.
-He's invested (wasted) billions on green energy companies.
-Appointee Chu said we need to get gas prices "near European levels".
-Blockes Keystone.
-Shuts down offshore drilling, even defying court orders to do so.
-Drilling lease renewals are down over 50% because of him.

High gas prices make his green fantasy more appealing. I'm anticipating any day now the Fox News Alert that the factory Obama gave $1 Billion to produce pixie dust and Unicorn hair has gone bankrupt.

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I don't listen to Trump much anymore, particularly from now on in this election cycle. I think he's unprincipled (politically) and full of straight up crap at times, he talks to hear himself talk and get attention, and he's getting repetetive anyway.
I generally do like him, but I change the channel or hit mute when he comes on a news show because I've heard it all from him before, and I don't know if he even believes everything he's saying, or just saying it to get attention/make controversy.