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This may be a problem, but the article does not make a very strong case. "...there are reports of lenders refusing to lend on what they deem as unreasonable or onerous ground rent clauses. Some won’t lend if the ground rent exceeds 0.1 per cent of the property value at any point during the lease." Any hard evidence here? 0.1% of the value does not sound excessive - £200 a year on a property bought for £200k - so it's hard to see why this alone would influence a potential lender. Why don't people use the existing procedure for buying out a lease, which I assume has a dispute resolution mechanism to determine a fair price where there is a disagreement?

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Reading the lease before entering into the contract would have helped. It's hardly rocket science.

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Can we have a minster for 'stop calling it no deal'? Whatever happens, there will be some sort of arrangements put in place, not least because the EU won't get 'their' £39bn if there isn't. It would suit both sides for there to be some sort of transition arrangements as well. So the whole 'crashing out' scenario is really a load of nonsense, albeit self-serving to suit the remainer case.

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I think you might be surprised. Mr Field looked to me to use the minimum force necessary to remove the woman. She had not been invited and had no right to be there; she was intent on demonstrating about something or other. I suspect most people who view the video and who are not already politically committed would not have any problem with Mr Field's actions. As for it being an assault, that is laughable.

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Make all business's tax returns fully available to the public, so everyone can see who is paying what. It would then be clearer just what taxes businesses pay in general (a lot, I assume) and any cases of apparent under-payment would soon attract unwelcome publicity, both for the company and the government whose system allowed it. Personally, I'd also favour all self-declared tax returns being publicly available, including mine, and a huge simplification of a system that is far too complex. But this change would be a good start.

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I'm not sure the Tories can unite on Brexit. Broad churches sound good in theory, but don't work when an article of faith is genuinely believed in by some and rejected by others. There is certainly minimal evidence that Hunt could unite the party, given that his approach seems no different from May's.

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Agreed. If the government would stop doing stupid things, it would help. I guess not everyone would agree what is stupid, but some obvious and expensive examples in my view are HS2, smart meters and almost every policy designed to 'help first time buyers'. Anyone who could not find more useful uses for the billions being wasted in these areas needs to wake up.

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Maybe you could reply to Nicholas's question and also explain why Stewart does not go there now? (I guess his future may be with the Lib Dems.)

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As he will be on BBC tomorrow, it would take an especially good memory to recall this "huge strategic mistake" in a few months time, or whenever the next election might be.

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There's one obvious plan if you take the Raab/Johnson line:

- step up 'no deal' preparations to a war time footing
- go to the EU with specific changes to the WA, especially the backstop
- tell all Conservative MPs that the next vote on the changes negotiated (if any) will be a vote of confidence and the whip will be withdrawn and the MP expelled if they do not support the government
- prepare for an election on 'no deal' - better described as 'managed exit deal'
- start talking with the Brexit Party, explaining how standing against 'no deal' Conservatives would damage the Brexit cause, potentially fatally
- keep your fingers crossed