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Probably glad my head came off a few seasons ago given the state of the world atm. Anyway sc going avg at best, but still trying. This week I can take 2 of either Dusty, Duncan or Stewart plus I’m getting Draper. I need to build the back line more than mid, but don’t want to look a targaryen dragon in the mouth....

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Scraped home with a 2353 and a 29 point win to finish top of my cash league, just the one loss for the year.

But finals are another story. Could buy Whitfield this week to complete defense and be full premo or take best of Logue or Answerth and instead put the money to Marshall as opponent has him? Projection has me slightly ahead, but Marshall is a worry! Or counter with Treloar (if Cunners spuds on Fri night) and fill defense following match.

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5 trades left($75k bank) and confusion reigns... benches too stocked with playing rooks
Def: Answerth and Naish, with Logue still on field and Hurn out
Mid: Duursma, DClarke, Hately
Fwd: Burgess and Setterfield
League result doesn’t matter. What would you do? Only premo missing that I want is Whitfield but could wait til next week.

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Hey AbeyJ, yeah I’m also doing a dpp trade but I’m going for a super cheap non playing late game rookie to help with the swing or captain option in the key finals weeks.

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2359 for me, not complaining, Grundy was a great VC but Fyfe and Hurn out hurt scoring. 2 trades to afford Whitfield this week as last premo, leaving 3 and $80k to help with injuries in the run home.

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A premo like Sicily 😂. I think I’m the flog for getting sucked in to picking him...

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The support for VC Grundy on here was too strong so I went with it, thanks community ;-)

ROB to Sicily my only trade so far this week. Thinking hold Duursma given no price drop and take a peek at Whitfield.

6 trades left, $135k cash. Westhoff still tempting and would love to find room for Neale, but that could easily happen by injuries.
Would really appreciate any feedback on team and next moves!

Lloyd, Hurn, Williams, Laird, Sicily, Answerth (Logue, Naish)
Macrae, Fyfe, PCripps, Cogs, Oliver, Cunnington, Sloane, BCrouch (Hately, Clarke, Duursma)
Grundy, Gawn (Bines)
Danger, Boak, Dunkley, TKelly, Heeney, Billings (Setters, Burgess)

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Too hard this week. Not sure about Grundy or Gawn, so maybe - Cripps or Sloane into any one of Macrae/Oliver/Dunkley or Boak :-)

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I feel like with only 4 trades, you need to do the absolute minimum, so option 3 appeals to me but you could probably look to spend a little more than settling with JPK, although I appreciate that won’t help you get to Simpkin if that’s what you want.

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7 trades left, 2400 this week, up to 722 in the rankings.
2 defenders short, trading O’Brien out (at max value now) + Duursma (slipping)

1. Sicily and Stewart (or any other defender under $490k)
2. Sicily and Westhoff (F7 Ruck Cover)

Option 2 will leave me with 80k and running Answerth, Logue and Naish (loophole) until they, Hately or Clarke afford me my last premium upgrade (maybe Whitfield).