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How in the world are they planning on enforcing such a stupid immoral law? These clowns who call themselves republicans are not doing themselves any electoral favors by alienating every single voter in their state. Who do they think is going to re-elect them? The only thing that will keep them in office will be if they pass a law that makes it illegal to vote for anyone but a republican. That's probably their next move. Since there are more people than corporations and so far, corporations can't vote, I can't see how else they plan on staying in office. Can't say I'll miss them except for their entertainment value.

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What a bunch of greasy toe rag rat bastards. Who the hell do they think they are? Who the hell do they think they are talking about? These are American citizens who are probably on assistance because of some greedy scumbag asshole republican in the first place. I'm all for the Red Queen. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

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America should just euthenize the entire damn state of Arizona. Geez, can those clowns get any stupider?