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What you said is moving. I ache to find a way to finance my much needed march to washington, but unfortunately living near the west coast it will not be possible for me to attend in person. So i ask you,anyone you go with, and everyone else who attend to not only march and speak out against tyrrany, but do it for those who cannot attend. if anything you have my permission to speak for me and my family. so please speak with the power of ten fold and let everyones voice be heard

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i did not see the segment but i do agree with you. It just goes to show how government wont waste a crisis. But jesus and christian teachings tell you to abide the laws of the land. Shari'ah law teaches the exact opposite, it teaches brutality and murder and if the government would see the difference and abide to those rules i think they could step in and stop it. If a started a church and had a rather large gathering and it produced 1 suicide bomber a month i think the government would have a right to step in because thats the people abusing their freedom of religion.

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that was my reference... terrible movie indeed. but yes i enjoyed the debate and am glad to be here. "Till the end i will see this through"

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you know you may be right, but the big issue about cash for clunkers is congress' ability to project budget, or lack there of. and it really doesnt make sense to take the engine and transmission and sell them to china instead of keeping them in our junkyards to sell for parts, giving the junkyards a little bit more money, plus giving the opportunity for thos of us who cant afford to get a new car and instead buy a couple used parts to get our clunker working so we can go to work. work also gives us money.

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Well they also said it would drive you to kill people and go crazy and rape women from smoking it back back in the day. Its a crop the heavily competes with oil and cotton andthat is why it was made illegal. now the fact that your breathing in smoke would be the reason for the carcinogens, but only if you smoke it. but still there is not one single case in history connecting marijuana to cancer or death. take it in pill form, eat it in cookie or brownie form. chew some pot gum. but the only reason why people move to heavier stuff is because its in the same market as the heavier stuff. if it were legalized than it would be sold in stores and you wouldnt have to look for dealers who sell it and also tell you "hey i also got some of this if you wanna try it" I use to smoke as well. probably still would if it werent illegal and business' tested for it. but honestly my addiction is now politics and figuring a way (same with everyone else) to save this country and our constitution.

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where is a liberal site that uses intense debate? i would like to start talkin to some people from the other side of politics and see how the debate goes

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I believe in the constitution with all my being. I am willing to fight and die for it. I hope it will prevail but as you can see our president and congress are not abiding to it.

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I beleive it is a valid issue and kind of a nice change of pace from me yelling at the computer monitor.

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lol ok ill play your silly little game. no i wouldnt drink mercury, or try to eat uranium, or drill a hose into the ground and suck down crude oil. those have all been proven to kill people, in other words a poison to the human body. now i would eat a tomatoe, or perhaps an apple. in my organic arguement i was comparing marijuana to other drugs. alcohol (needs to be brewed or distilled). cocaine (not quite sure how its made but im sure the white powder is what the plant look like) sam with herion. ecstacy is a mixture of a bunch of drugs. Even over the counter medicine. You can grown marijuana, not legally, but you are able to in your own home. use the buds for whatever reason and then use the hemp stock for oh i dont know, an energy resource, clothing, hit your red headed step child with it when hes bad i dont care. do you get my point?

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I cannot beleive what Nanci Pelosi said about the gatherers carrying swastikas and other symbols like it. I take that so personally its not even funny. she deserves a slap in the mouth for it