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The early rumor (from Pelosi's slip of the tongue!) is that Jeb Bush will be the nominee! Why ELSE would he be speaking there?? What else can we expect from the aged Bush Sr.'s 31 year White House New World Order under The Vatican's CROSS, Revelation 13:18??
The GREAT NEWS is that Yahshua, Yahweh's Son, returns SOON and no NWO CROSS can stop HIM!!
Be saved and sealed NOW in the Father and Son, Revelation 14:1!

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Glenn Beck is not fat and he can be very entertaining to watch, However, he has the same initials as George Bush. He is denying some very important events (i.e. the 9/11 inside job, FEMA death camps, and B.O.'s Kenyan birth). He is buddy buddy with Karl Rove, not W's "assistant" but chief hatchet man! Please, PLEASE do not be pipered to your "doom". Do your own research and never ever be afraid to stand alone in the truth!. My ancestors were here before 1776 and my liberty means too much to me! This is the land of the free because of the brave!

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Hi again! it seems that CASH is a four letter word but I believe that we should have it in our hands now if we can. You cannot spend gold or other assets. if we had lived through 1929 we would know this!

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Hi Right! I sent a long post to you (twice!) but only the last half was printed!:@ I have always had trouble posting on these sites! I am reminded that Glenn's initials are " G B" (for George Bush??) I will try to repeat what i wrote. 3-13-2008 secret meeting of Congress. What was leaked: financial collapse, Martial Law, round ups taken to death (not prison) camps, people chipped, etc. Google "Bush Family Nazi Connections".Article about death camps today by Chuck Baldwin at www.prisonplanet.com. ( I do not agree with articles against Israel.) Please feel free to ask me anything. Some of my ancestors (White) were here long before 1776. I am trying to remain until Yahshua returns! Blessings in Him! Jayna

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A great health manual for all ages is "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss, new or used (cheap!) on eBay or Amazon. In the Greek Diaglott for Revelation 13:18 (free on Web) the #666 is a name and contains a mark! The name is Jesus Christ and the mark is a cross, X as in Xmas. The Mark of the Beast will contain these. After all, the German Swastika was a crooked cross! It seems to me that this government under B.O, or Bush, or ? will use a Christian cross. Seen any around lately?? IMO, no one in the MSM is telling the truth!. The B.I.B.L.E. = Best Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Seek Yahweh and have salvation through His Son Yahshua. They have been keeping me calm for over forty years. Yahshua is coming soon! HalleluYah!__ Shalom in Them!

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Happy Sabbath! You are all welcome to come to my page! Blessings Everyone!

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Maybe this is a better time to post. My words always get deleted. HOWEVER! My page still has all of them! Please read them now while they are hot! Please do not trust anyone in the MSM! The "Sucker Rally" is about to fail! Get your funds into that four letter word ~ CASH! Please have your lasting treasure in Heaven! Get NAC (Cysteine, an amino acid) to help prevent Swine Flu. (Adult: 1600 mg. Capsule(s) a day Child: 600 mg. NO FLU SHOTS OR DRUGS! View Dr. Ott's tapes at www.H1Flu.com. Believe in the Son (Yahshua) of our Heavenly Father (Yahweh) as He came in His Father's Name, John 5:43. By the way, He Is coming soon! Shalom in Him!

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Good morning Everyone on Yahweh's green Earth ! (Yes, it is still His! Psalm 24:1) Have you noticed how many good comments are deleted from this board soon after posting? The one good thing is that you can read them all on our own special pages. By the grace of Yahweh, I have posted many good ones to inform my patriot brothers and sisters. Blessings to you all!

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You may wish to go to www.prisonplanet.com and google it there. They have had a number of articles about it. There is also www.rense.com.

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Very warm greetings! Do you remember those Apollo Moon Landings? Still think that they were real like Glenn Beck?? Google "Did Stanley Kubrick fake the Apollo Moon Landings" Also, there is "How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Apollo Moon Landings" by Jay Weidner on <a href="http://www.rense.com" target="_blank">www.rense.com I remember viewing with others the first moon walk. I stated right then that I thought it was faked. Now, I know why.( Everyone thought I was crazy.) After you read about this, you may wish to retool your thinking about the government conspiracy of 9/11, the Rex 84 Death Camps, and President B.O.'s African birth certificate.