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You have a lot more faith in the general populace then I do. Remember, these are the same people who voted for him, and continue to keep his poll numbers up. I am afraid that those who voted for him are to blinded to see what he is doing. Too many don’t want to be bothered with politics or are just complacent. Besides I don’t think enough people really care whether or not he is a citizen. BHO's soc ialist agenda was all over the place prior to the elections and they still voted for him.

Our only hope will be the elections. If we can replace enough people to at least stop his agenda in 2010 is the start. We then need to groom a legitimate candidate for 2012. Someone that we can get behind. I seriously doubt that we can replace enough people to even think about impeachment.

Problem is, he might very well have completed his agenda before the next election, and we will end up with elections like Iran or Venezuela had. Its becoming clear that the current Pols are not going to listen and I believe they very well might sacrifice themselves in order to push through their agenda. History has taught us that its hard to undo agendas like theirs.

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Only problem with the whole birth certificate issue is what happens if he is not a naturalized citizen? Only Congress can remove a sitting President by 2/3 vote. Do you think this Congress will vote for removal?

I was following this issue for a while but after thinking about it there really is nothing that can be done even if he is found to be a non-citizen.

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The thing that scares me about all this is what is going to happen when China calls in the loans. I bet that BHO confiscates more companies (Like he did with GM forcing it to sell Hummer off to China) and sells them off to China at cut rates. China is slowly buying everything here already, and with over $1T in loans to the US government, I would say that China owns the US government. How long before China starts making US policy, if it hasn't happened already.

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You also have to take into account fraud and price gouging. There is no way a hospital should get away with charging $10 for 1 Tylenol.

We don't need a complete overhaul of the medical or insurance programs, what we need is some regulation.

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Most of the media themselves are Libs, so there is no way that they will turn against BHO as long as he is pushing "THE AGENDA".

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Huckabee has is own Political agenda, and Palin is a rival so why would he defend her....

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I think the single biggest reason why she has to endure so many personal attacks is because the Libs fear her. They fear the fact that she is a normal American with normal values and normal troubles, and that a majority of Americans can relate to her.

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Is racism dead? NO. Is it the racism we are all told it is? Again NO.

I feel that racism today is perpetrated more by the minorities and those who wish to take advantage, far more then the whites do. Diversity and inclusion have been pounded into the white persons head for years, to the point where they are actually afraid to speak out because they might offend someone. Whereas many minorities have been indoctrinated to the opposite, and are not afraid to show their racism towards the white man.

This might be hard to hear for some, but I truly believe that the minorities bring it upon themselves. I would argue that they have the same opportunities as everyone else and with Affirmative Action they actually have more. While some take advantage of it, others dwell on racism and blame the white man, while they live in their self imposed prisons called the ghetto. They have no one to blame but themselves. The opportunities are there, they just have to have the will power to seek them out. Will it be hard, yes, but the greater the struggle the greater the reward.

I think that people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Liberals in general have done more harm than good for the black community. They do it, not for the betterment of the human race but for power and greed. They preach division and racism and promote the idea that the blacks are some how owed something. Are we to pay reparations? How about reparations for everyone that has been wronged in some way. We as a society have to get past the idea that anyone is OWED anything, cause guess what, no one is. No one is entitled to anything. If you want it go earn it. Everyone in this country has the RIGHT to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. How you get there is up to you.

Personally I believe that people should be rated on their merits, and contributions to society and not by any other means. The problem today is that too many have, and still do, preach division and not inclusion.

I say this. We are NOT a nation of African-Americans, Latina-Americans, Asian-American, Anglo-Americans, Muslim-American, or Christian-Americans, NO I say we are not, we are all just AMERICANS. We all should be proud of our race and celebrate it as it is what makes us unique, but at the end of the day we must be one nation, and one people united.

Until everyone realizes this and start to shun those who divide and preach division, then there will always be problems with race and religion. Those in power fear the day that we all come together as Americans united and realize that we are all equal. They fear it cause they know that will be their downfall. The only way they have maintained their power thus far is by division and hate mongering.

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More like Hitlers Youth.....

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Now is not the time to rest. We need to continue with the emails, phone calls, letters and tea parties. We need to become the VOCAL majority. We need to form a PAC and start to produce our own advertisements, and become a true political player. We have to continue to fight. We need to push the current politicians to show their true colors, and support the ones that think the way we do and help them help us. Then come 2010 we need to vote out every incumbent. Then elect people who will uphold our values. Then we seriously need to push for all the POLs to Institute a 2 term limit on all political offices NATIONWIDE.

We must continue to push our POLs to uphold the Constitution, push for states rights, and limit the feds. The feds need to repeal the fed reserve, the income tax law, and institute a flat tax. Need to expand our military and protect our borders with an iron fist. Need to seriously evaluate the budget and start making hard cuts. Need to seriously shrink the fed, cutting out the bogus and extraneous department and organizations. There is no reason why the fed budget needs to be much over $1.5T at the most, and maybe that could even be cut as the fed shrinks down, and push more of the responsibility to the states. By ridding ourselves of the fed reserve and making huge cuts in the size of the fed, we can start to pay off our debt and it wouldn’t take long to become debt free. Then push for an amendment to the constitution to prevent the government from going into debt again.

But we must also focus on our local POLs as well. None of our states are in any better shape than the Fed is. Some are worse than others, but they are all in trouble in some way. The states will have to take on a greater role and fight off the feds for control of their rights. We must move away from a nanny state. There must be serious reform of welfare, medicare, Medicaid, social security, and healthcare. State spending needs to be focused. As they take on that greater role it is very possible that their budgets will increase.

Everyone needs to remember, NOTHING IS FREE. For every dime the government spends, some hard working American EARNED that dime, only to have it confiscated. We The People need to be the watchdogs of the government. We must accept our roles and do what is needed to further the cause of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and FREEDOM.