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I'll write this guarantee down next to the one Geithner gave us about never getting a credit downgrade.

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Who the hell is still buying this snake oil salesman's crap?

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I swear every time I watch one of these videos of him he's having a stroke.

It's not hard to see why this is the first job he's had in 40+ years. The man has been speaking English his entire life and still hasn't mastered it. I have an easier time understanding the roofers working next door that were born in Mexico.

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That's what the White House toilet looks like after all of those tamales and ribs.

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This guy is so out of touch with the regular working folks in this country it is mind-boggling.

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Who the hell is buying this crap?

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I don't know if I hate him more because he is a tyrant or that he looks French.

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Low bid wins, period. Occam's razor dictates the reason Obuma wants this disclosed. He wants to funnel yet more money (i.e. stimulus bill) to his chronies.

This guy is an Orwellian nightmare.

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I thought it was an execution but oh well, I guess we better send Obama and his gang to Gitmo.

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She is a total spitfire. Absolutely love it. I want to drink Tequila with her and see how feisty she gets after about eight shots. Standing on the bar, pounding her chest and quoting the constitution. It would be epic. It is Cinco de Mayo after all.