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Start with pencil and paper.

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You can't learn how to draw and be done. O_O; wth?

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Try starting with simple pen and paper. :) You'll get far, and eventually be able to use the programs not as a crutch, but as a gateway into finer art.

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Moondancer is a jerk, though. >_> lol And her design isn't great, in my opinion.

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I am sorry for the possible butt-hurt nature of my last comment. But, honestly, that is a mirror image of a lot of these fighting game fans that talk so highly about training for months with friends. We can all like what we want, but when it comes to judging others for preferring simplicity, and saying they are somehow less of a person for it-- I can't just stand by without posting a sarcastic comment. :3 ... But thanks for being reasonable. Nice avatar.

Of course you can be a casual Street Fighter Player. But that casual player, 9 times out of 10, just mashes buttons. What I mean is that the game shouldn't only be fun for people who practice day after day. I like the games you can pick up and play. It is just better game design. Super complex fighters are outdated. I do find them fun when mastered, but the frustration outweighs that.... So I do understand your love for them. It feels really good to understand what you are doing. But comparing anything in Smash to Street Fighter just doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe a simple hadouken was a bad example, but... Alas. Ah well.

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For all the people saying the rude "git good" when someone mentions the stupidity of complex fighting games...

Good luck getting a job when all you can remember is how to perform a hadouken. I like Smash Bros, and its simplicity. Deal with it.

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How come pretty much all of these are better than the ones you chose? That boring duo??


Alright, I am an artist myself. I don't mean anything against who designed these ponies. But they are pretty bland, and don't exactly well-represent what EqD is all about. But, whatevs. Mascots that aren't Trixie are good enough for me.

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It is a decent animation-- but I really wish that instead of directly copying the movements and lighting, some changes were made to make the 3D version shine a bit more. Obviously there are limitations, so using those to the animator's advantage would have really made this work. Overall, though, it was probably great practice. :) You can see some improvement as the animation progresses.

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It is similar, but not exactly the same! :D ... A text adventure on a computer usually has you typing in random commands to see if they work, so it is actually quite difficult. :3

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There was... A Lilo and Stitch ANIME? Like, from Japan?

I am confused.