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The more aggressive teens are simply out and active more often than the non-aggressive ones. Therefor more likely to be in the vicinities where soda is sold. Cause and effect ? No way, sounds more like someone is trying to get more grant money or justify that they have already recieved.

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It is sad that you don't know that old sometimes equates with wise. Ron Paul has wisdom and his age has brought much experience with it. I personally know men 89 and 90 who have wisdom combined with experience. I listen to what they have to say. As to the black issue , I'll leave that argument to the racists. As to having tried that before as you say. McCain is worse than Obama , we had no choice the last election. By saying McCain is worse than Obama I mean that with Obama you knew what you were getting while McCain is such a liar and a waffler that you have no idea where he stands.

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Hi Dr. Funk, how is Ron Paul's approach to foreign policy unconstitutional? Please name specifically how his foreign policy is lunacy? I think we need to get out of other countries business and protect our own. Who was it scrapped our missle defence system? Why are we not defending our own borders? Ron Paul would protect our country , not be busy meddling in the business of other countries at the behest of the new world order crowd.

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Perry will sell out America. Ron Paul for president. We've had the sell out crowd from the republican party for the last twenty or so years. We have been burned bad enough to know better by now.

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Mr. Perry, take your big government money and go back home. We don't need any more sell out specialists running the presidency. Ron Paul for president!

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Hi TalkingDust, I usually side with your analysis of the issues, but in this instance I disagree. Romney or Perry would give us the same old betrayal we've had in the past. They are both new world order types who will do the bidding of their big money cronies. Gingrich is just like them. John Bolton is not known well enough to be a contender. I would vote for Paul over Bolton any day. I think this election will belong to Ron Paul , as even democrats like him for his constitutional stances on all subjects.

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This pre-election hype is the same old story, the establishment types trying to get the canidates they can control elected. Just ignore the media storm and vote for Ron Paul and you won't be disappointed by his stances on any subject if you accept the constitution as the law of the land.

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Ron Paul gets my vote , no matter what. I'm done with the republican liars, and I would not vote for a democrat for anything. I told you guys after the last election when the congress was picking a majority leader that Bhoener would betray us. I remeber how so many of you jumped all over that statement as though I had attacked conservative interests. Well , what do you say now? I say Ron Paul is the best and possibly the only hope for the country at this time. No one in the field even comes close. You claim he will be soft on foreign policy, I say he will be constitutional on foreign policy. On the matter of drugs , I don't like drugs but maybe everyone does need to make their own choice.

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The frenchman is probably wishing he had paid her instead of stiffing her. Hahahahahahaha

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Pathetic that they find life so unenjoyable that they need drugs to get through their day!