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Wherever there is injustice, abuse and corruption among the top leaders of an organisation , hate is unavoidable. It is up to the top leaders to govern in a fair and transparent manner to minimize such feelings. Unfortunately, the governance in most of our Institutions are sorely lacking and people feel victimized.
Datuk Seri should get to the bottom of these hateful feelings before introducing new rules as without understanding real reasons for the unhappiness, the new rules will not help.

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A very well written article - you deserve our support, Alwyn. I believe this " CG" mentality is quite prevalent especially among Malaysians because of our discriminatory and oppressive environment with regard to race and religion.

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Malay rights group Perkasa has extended its support for former educator Datuk Raof Husin, who over the weekend had called for the government to end federal scholarships for minority students.
This coming from a former educator who has also been given a Datuk title shows the kind of supremacist Malays we have in this country who has no sense of fairness or empathy - only a bigoted mindset which is contrary to being a good Muslim.

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Many Malaysians have not even heard of this Association MACVA.
BN/UMNO has never paid tribute let alone give support to these brave heroes.
It is so shameful and shows that this government has not sufficiently acknowledge the contributions of the non Malays not only in developing this country but also defending it.
This is where UMNO leaders have failed as they could have used these contributions to unite the various races.

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If Malaysia had followed the syariah laws and traditions as propagated by PAS or similarly fundamentalists Islamic organisations, Malaysia would not be as developed as it is today.
Ismail should also be reminded that many non Malays/Muslims fought and died for this country during the Communist insurgency , Japanese, British and other colonists rule.

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I will vote for Harapan because if they should win, it will be a lesson for UMNO/ BN and hopefully change country's divisive approach to politics.

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Lim added that The Star article claiming the state had “pre-sell state land rights” worth RM3 billion was a blatant lie.
How did 208 million become 3 billion? Only the Star can answer that question.

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According to Selangor Amanah chairman Izham Hashim, seat allocation among PH components was a matter of “secondary concern”.
Amanah may be the smallest party of the big four in the Opposition but their leaders have been exemplary when it comes to discipline and cooperation within Harapan.

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Sometimes I find it so odd that PAS, supposedly a religious party, did not value a leader like Mujahid,
I would have thought someone with his character and behavior, would have made any religion proud.

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i would rather leave political sentiment to the politicians to assess rather than analysts. Harapan has nothing to lose.
With TDM on their side, at least there is a glimmer of hope there may be a change of Government and with that one that is less focus on religious/racial politics due to a stronger representation of non racial/religious parties within Harapan.