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May Allah grant her the grace to be forgiving and continue to lead a useful and peaceful life.
For most people, the grief of losing 3 sons would be unbearable.
Let's hope this tragedy would not be in vain and the name MASHAWANI would be forever remembered as the catalyst for change in the Tahfiz schools.

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The incumbent state government leaders have no shame - they are proud to be cheats.
They don't deserve your votes.

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I can empathize with the young.
However, an incumbent government is always less likely to make changes - let alone one which has a history of corrupt leaders in all the major component parties.
Despite the erosion of popularity in BN in recent years, the government has remained complacent and continue to dish out racial and religious politics.
Ponder on this and decide - don't waste your vote.

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No interference with curriculum may not be wise if it leads to terrorism.

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“We have discussed... not only with Tan Sri Muhamad Muhamad Taib, but God willing we have Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar and Dr Mohd Khir Toyo, whereby these three former mentri besar will join hands with me to ensure the victory of BN in the state.
What a great bunch of former MBs - if not corruption , equally shameful scandals.

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The reality of Islamophobia among non-Muslims is there — they see Islam as the problem, when the religion is not so much a problem as much as it has been used as a political tool.
Overall, an insightful article.
However, the above statement may not be entirely true as Islam as a religion compared to others is the most political.
Unless there is a change in the Islamic religious establishment to promote togetherness with the larger community and more united stand towards terrorism, peace and unity will be hard to achieve.

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It is good that Putrajaya is making a stand on this issue.
Educating the young is a highly important and responsible job and must not be left to private individual patrons unless they follow government guidelines.

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The public should not mock the deadly tahfiz school fire that killed 23 people as it is “haram” or forbidden,
The majority of the public is just concerned about the incident as 23 lifes, mainly young ones, were lost as proper safety procedures were not followed.
All schools should be registered for monitoring purposes as the minds of the young can easily be indoctrinated if they are administered by religious extremists.

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Is there still any doubt that the PAS's brand of Islam led by Hadi will affect the lives of non Muslims?
Now UMNO's bigwigs has to stand down despite knowing such action will offend MCA and MIC.
UMNO has lost its marbles when it comes to PAS.

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MAS had raked in billions in profits during the 1980s but began to suffer losses a decade later, after Dr Mahathir privatised the airline/
It is easy to put the full blame on TDM but the truth is that it is UMNO/BN's policy agreed at cabinet level of which Najib is a member which agreed to the privatization.
It is also too early to sing praises for MAS which is still not out of the woods.