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“They would not understand the essence of Christianity, so why should they want to write the Bible for us?” he told reporters
Some of these religious bureaucrats live in a world of their own with hardly any sense of empathy.

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Jill Ireland is also asking the court to declare the Home Ministry’s December 5, 1986 circular to ban the word “Allah” in Christian publications as unconstitutional and unlawful, arguing among other things that the government has failed to prove such use was a threat to public order.
It is only in Malaysia that we have the Allah disagreement- nowhere else in the World!

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“It’s a vicious cycle: non-Malays want equality for all Malaysian citizens, and that sentiment finds its political embodiment in DAP. Most Malays don’t agree with this sentiment, so they obviously don’t join DAP.
It is a long and winding road to convince Malays that such privileges actually weakens the race and make others look down on them. Not only that - it allows the political Malay elites and their cronies which includes non Malays to siphon off the riches of the nation so apparent in the many high profile corruption cases exposed in recent days.

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The media reported that Taman Free School surau chief Sapno Tukijo provided shelter for about 70 non-Muslim flood victims in Penang despite criticism from some Muslims.
For those Muslims who are doubtful , they just have to ask themselves "Would the Prophet have done the same"?

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“When they apply for permission to give ceramahs, there is a condition — no politics and no causing racial disputes,” Harussani said.
What about religious disputes? That could even have greater ramifications.

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The majority of Chinese is not interested in handouts by UMNO, they just want to be treated with respect and fairness.

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Malaysians would be much happier with Islamic practices in Singapore as it does not promote division.
They banned these two preachers for this reason and Malaysia should have done the same if UMNO/BN has unity in mind.

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This is probably the issue that is closest to the hearts of Harapan supporters apart from the rising costs of living.
Until there are sufficient powers to ensure the independence of the corruption busters, they will find it difficult to curb corruption of incumbent Ministers and Prime Ministers.
Billions have been lost as a result of this nefarious behavior.
These monies could have been used to help hundreds of thousands who are in need.

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If she is not mentally ill, she should also be punished with a jail sentence for this case against her.
If such arrogant and aggressive people are not taught a painful lesson, someone will end up seriously hurt.

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Maybe Kua should make up his mind first whether he thinks it is good for the BN government to continue with their racist policies, cronyism, corruption and failed policies on education.