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I grew up in the USSR which was proclaimed atheistic society,. and, boy, we hated atheistic propaganda as much as you Christian dogmas. Even though later becomes obvious that they are just the different sides of the same idea, and dialectically complement each other. Atheism is a religion based on negation rather than a statement. There are more intellectually engaging concepts. In spite of your answer, I do think you're fighting your religious upbringing rather than the variety of philosophical ideas of God. And you obviously need the idea to fight against.

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Are you sure you are an atheist and not an anti-Bibleist? Or anti-what-they-taught-me-in- Sunday-school-ist? You seem not to separate some people you’ve met in church and the idea of God as such.
My question is: don’t you have a need in God? (And I don’t mean necessarily the Christian God)