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Thank you for making this space for us. Thank you for being funny and insightful and inspiring. Thank you for making us felt like we mattered.

Does anyone else have a Toast Resolution? Something that they're going to work on or focus on because of this community? Maybe it made you feel more brave, or more accepted than you realized?

For me... I'm going to write! It's been a desire of mine my entire life but I've always felt inadequate. I've always worried that there are too many people with my goal to make any kind of impact, or to even achieve anything. And it feels like a silly, throw-away goal. But I don't care! It's something I enjoy doing! It brings me a lot of joy and I think now, more than ever, that's really all that matters. The Toast posted something of mine (silly Game of Thrones fan theories) which was awesome, even though it wasn't anything long-form. Some lovely commenters (OK maybe just one or two) asked me if I was a writer based on some super insane dreams I shared, and told me I should pursue it. I just love that this community exists, even if it won't exist in the same fashion for much longer. You all make me feel like I matter and that we are all worth listening to!

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one of my best female friends is turning 50 next year and married a 27/28 year old guy last year. the age difference isn't as stark, but it's still enough to draw attention. literally neither of them have considered it an issue, apart from one of mechanics (i.e., is she too old to have kids? what about her retirement/potential illness when he is still young? which are super hard issues to talk about but also important ones!)

their families reeled when they announced it, but they came around so quickly you would not believe. all it took was.... are you ready for this? all it took was them seeing how HAPPY they made each other, and suddenly they were all about it.

(meanwhile i am dating a guy 4 years my junior and like, he was in high school at the height of emo/screamo and so that's sort of his thing while i am like "oh my god?? no?? it's all about alternative rock and alt-metal??" and then i remember that if that, and the fact that he appreciated shit like pokemon and harry potter when he was appropriately aged, UNLIKE ME WHO WAS JUST A WEIRD TEENAGER, is our biggest issue, we are doing OK.)

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is this where i admit i have no freakin idea what subculture i was a part of then? i was definitely aware of these things happening around me, but i was too busy reveling in a heinous amalgamation of late 90s skater and subdued/makeup-free goth. idek.

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Does the band know you?? That actually sounds quite adorable.


Although I do that sometimes when he's just standing around, so maybe he's used to it.

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Probably wise. I guess there are more book in the same universe/time but with other narrators, and I considered reading some but... the disappointing ending of her most well-known/well-received series doesn't bode well for them...

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I was actually put off by the dragons!! It felt like a weird fantasy cop-out... but then again I had an ebook so no cover to guide me!

Yeah it really dragged. I was surprised when there wasn't another round of Fitz being caught, tortured, and saved by a new group of people he'd eventually leave. Overall though I'm most upset about Burrich and Molly. Totally uncalled for. What a waste of two characters.

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I just finished the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb. I enjoyed the first two but was really disappointed with the final installment. It felt like she wrote herself into a corner. And it's always a gut-punch when an author develops a character you love and then gives them an out-of-character ending...

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how dare you give me good & practical & anxiety-relieving advice!!!

(thanks. it's the first time he'll be playing live with this band and the first time i've seen him perform. he is the most down-to-earth, chill, soft-spoken guy you will ever meet who moonlights as a headbanging double-bass-pedal-shattering metal drummer. i'm really excited to see him play!)

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My boyfriend's band is having a CD release concert tonight!! I'm so excited. BUT. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do! Like literally, WHAT DO I DO?

Where do I stand? Should I casually be in the back by the bar? Would it be corny if I was in front cheering? Or is it worse if I'm NOT in front cheering? Am I in charge of getting him beer/water throughout his set?? What do I wear?! How do I act?!?!?