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this moron needs to accept it was five dancing israelis arrested in nyc on 9/11 with van bombs... all the agencies depicted on the dragon's scales are not led nor committee chaired by muslims. the federal reserve is not dominated by muslims and not a single muslim has led it since its creation in 1913. this guy is a clown.

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im looking at a flowchart.... it has the names of his entire cabinet... where are the muslims you speak of... you mean rahm e. is muslim? Axlerod is muslim? so if they are muslims ... what we call he muslims then... i suggest whipping boys or perhaps victims. yeah they got their sellouts but the all belong to aipac. oooh say it aint so...

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and uss liberty was an egyptian attack... pollard is saudi and the five dancing israelis were palestinians... anything secreted out this man anal cave under his nose is pure caca

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lol if obama is muslim then so is Trump... you have no clue do you. Obama is natanyahu's personal nut sack polisher .. lap dog controlled opposition. its not fuck the muslims ... it is fuck israel and the bitch that stole my freedoms to create her on stolen land inhabited by real semites.

If Obama is muslim then so is his chicago boys town fuck buddy rahm emmanuel... the IDF hero.

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qasam rockets.... lol. always a pro israhell plug in... was it qasam rockets used on the USS Liberty culo man

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well his mother liked muslim dick then... who brought him up... paid for the opinions he must hold on their behalf... his education... whom are the top of his cabinet... i know hes not christian thank god .. and he sure aint muslim. his closest buddy served in the idf .. is still a dual citizen ... his dad abandoned him and he was raised by non muslims. he could speak arabic like binladen is of no significance... his inner circle is who he is... that aint muslim.. his attorneys the treasonous judges throwing case after case.. no muslims there ladies and gents. hate if you want on muzzies ... i resist them with truth.. never fails. what is being done is an unjust linking of muslims with obama... muslim did not do 9/11 we are hating the wrong enemy.

what i am saying is he is not muslim he is simply a marxist or a commie.

who is gay ... is married to a she male .. was raised by radicals ... David A. is not a muslim nor were his grandparents... a sell out a tool a usurper an manchirian candidate with his real papers with those who own his ass... none are muslims...

he is not muslim.. we have to stop this injustice as it will be tied to Christians for ever... im not going along with it .. it is wrong.

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how can this site claim moral high ground and bear false witness at the same time.. this person who ever he is cannot be muslim even if he was binladens bastard child. On this very site are countless articles showing him to be Marxist a homosexual and married to a she male. You want to demonize muslims then do it the Christian way with truth that matches his upbringing by atheist commie zionists and Marxists. The only muslim that shared personal space with this man is reported to be the man that gave obama that ring he wears.. a gay lovers keepsake. stop blaming the wrong enemy for Christ sake!! if obama is muslim then so is his fuck buddy in chicago.. his first presidential appointment and his entire cabinet... if he us muslim why is he dronig every muslim country with arabic alphabets... this man is nothing more than rented refurbished second hand office furniture. and he is not muslim.. he is what his handlers are... not a muslim among them... not even the lawyers punking the system on his behalf.

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This not a lone nut case ppl... NEVER forget what and WHOM it took to get this wannabe moooslim in the white house. Barry is NOTHING... the machine behind him is.

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To the author of this piece:

You are no better than saetoro the fake savior if you do not also expose those who were key and instrumental in putting this man into office.

Obama is a lapdog... I wonder is he ate his? anyways... He could never be in contention if it was not for money and support coming from both dems and rep NEO-CON dual citizens of other countries but mainly Israel.

The machine behind this man has to be exposed also if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic.

The BR puts on lots of pro Israel stooges pushing the mooooslem connection... but you have to realize people are awakening as turning on theor critical , lateral thinking skills.

Obomber is a genuine manchurian candidate... it takes a life time of preparing and huge sums of mooolaaahhh dinero... fiat... get it?

I invite you look up an event on 9/11 where 5 middle easterners were arrested in GW Bridge with a colossal van bomb packed with "tons" of explosives...

HINT: They were not MOOOOSLEMS! Note just who lined up to support Barry in his latest neo-con escapade... Syria. Again we have Israeli "evidence" just like Iraq... Iraq: how did that werk fer ya eh?

Its time to face the brutal truth and let the chips fall where they may. One thing for sure.. NO COUNTRY is our friend anymore. Israel never has been from day one... the Lavonne affair, the USS Liberty, J Pollard, 9/11 with friends like these.. we need Jesus NOW!!

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This illustrates the urgent need for a wholesale reset on our government. Return to complete Constitutional order... impeach Obama and Holder and work your way back to the federal reserve mob. Clearly we have been conned into total stupidity.. Aint it a surprise? Amarika can also crumble just like the soviet union did... that is unless FREEDOM WINS THE DAY.