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i would sign that petition in a heart beat,i want art,marc klass and mike brooks i think it would be a great news show,just sayin art.we need facts not blah blah blah, thanks

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hey art off the topic but what does that little square box to the right of a users name mean with different numbers in it and sometimes its lit up yellow? like right now mine reads 28p and its yellow,just wondering .thanks

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WOW,i think if the words," my client passed a polygraph" were attached to any statements that werter and fields put out of what their clients have said to them might help, yah think? i will not believe anything any of them say,clients or attorneys...actually reading this article enraged me and sickened me, that tommy or misty wouldn't look past their own selfish arses in the begining and help haleigh, save haleigh ,protect haleigh or even care a little bit,now this poor little girl is probably dead ,such an injustice for her,they jus keep killing her over and over with different lies,and now the attorneys are joining in,i refuse to ever believe its from lack of education,drug addiction ,how their parents raised them .i believe its from lack of heart,so so sad for haleigh,GOD REST HER SOUL PLEASE.P.S.i will give putnam police thumbs up for not letting tommy use her in anymore lies for a get out of jail free card AGAIN.thanks art for keeping us updated.

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blue ,thank you 4 your ans. i'm still tip toeing around on this blog site ,i been on another blog site and there are some very rude peeps ,i would rather be ignored than attacked and called names by other bloggers and made fun of,even the owners (2)husband and wifey jump on innocent peeps.anyway i thought that too bout ron,it really swayed me to think joe didn't do it,i think the overdose theory or accident with physical abuse got out of hand and ron had misty and tommy clean up the trailor and dispose of the body and convinced them the law would believe joe theory,i will say i don't think when ronnie boy gave them their instructions he told them they might be compromising teir freedom 4 many years,they need to tell,another thing is my hubby works in a factory and on the night shift him and the other boys go up town and shoot pool run 2 fastfood places ect.they been doing that for yrs so ronnies time card punches to me doesn't mean he was really there,i just wish everyone could get closure,so sad.

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when ronald walked in the court room on some tv coverage i was watching i got a good look where that big band-aid had been ,the scar looks like one i still have on my leg from my childhood(a LONG time ago lol)mines from a nasty infected boil,could have been an infected pimple too ,you can see some pretty deep poc marks on his face if you look close enough in his pictures,just my own opinion though,who really knows with any of that bunch.

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AMEN...you couldn't have said it any better about SOME other sites,been there done it and regretted it !!!!!!! i wish art would get his own show so i could hear him actually finish a sentence lol,my own opinion is jvm isn't so bad,but nancy treats everyone like shes better(smarter) than them.she acts like in some cases ,if it isn't what she thinks than she cuts the person off ,the part that upsets me is its always when the person(like art mark klass even leonard P) is giving us factual information,THAT I REALLY WANTED TO HEAR.she does it to mark klass ALOT,mark and art should get their own show that way we could get the facts without all the blah blah blah,just sayin my own opinion.GOD BLESS HALEIGH AND AYDEN.

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hi art,in one of my comments the other day when you ask us all to pray for jason and his son. i had said in my comment to your story i would put them on my prayer list and i did,i catch myself saying i wish there was something i could do to help,but due to our finanical situation there isnt isn't any extra money).when i read your article today i cried like a baby,its so sad for ayden and his parents,when i got to the part,no donation to small, it hit me ,my rainy day stash is 10.00 and i read the article and showed aydens pictures to my grandchildren ages 5&6 who have never been sick, knock on wood,they are giving me their allowance for this week which totals 4.00,so we are sending 14.00,i keep saying they should clone you ,you certainly didn't miss your calling in life, thank you.,( love those pink ties,my hubby won't wear anything pink,except when red shirt accidently was washed with his white socks and underwear lol),have you ever thought about getting a t.v. like jvm and grace?if you did have your own show you'd at least get to finish your sentences,just sayin my own opinion,thanks

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nice tie on t.v. tonite,sorry my post was so loud 18 hrs.ago,(i did laugh out loud when i read your answer i deserved it),i did want to ask, is it just rumor mill or fact that joe overstreet took a polygraph about haleigh?i really just don't know what to believe from flo hollars,she seems confused sometimes even before her stroke and heavy meds.also i relistened to tommy's supposed confession call to her again and i was wondering if maybe someone else out there thought the same thing,when tommy gets ready to tell the name, flo is the one that said is it joe,he took that and ran with it,i don't think he was gonna say joe.i heard him say in the uncut version( before she said is it joe) he's locked up so he cant get to my kids now,that jus doesn't make sense because joe wasn't locked up.(probably just some other lie he was gonna tell)who knows,i don't think we ever will.GOD BLESS HALEIGH MARIE CUMMINGS.

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how terrible is it that fields(SCUM ARSE IMO) would release yet more misty's lying crap about haleigh's demise on haleigh's birthday,TO HURTFUL,TO LITTLE,TO LATE,(werter's no freakin better imo)but as far as fields goes,THAT SO CALLED POS!!!!!!! LAWYER REALLY HAS HIS NERVE TO EVEN TALK TO ANYONE ABOUT MISTYS STORY (LIE) # 12,13,14 ???????,I THINK I READ IT IN ONE OF YOUR ARTICLES ART, FIELDS SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT POOR MISTY BEING SO HATED AND BLAMING THE PUBLIC FOR BEING WITCH HUNTERS,HIS STATEMENTS ENRAGE ME,HOW DARE HIM,NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND SHOULD EVER HIRE EITHER ONE OF THEM UNLESS PRISON IS WHERE THEY'VE ALREADY CHOSEN FOR THEIR NEXT HOME ADDRESS.IMO........anyway R I P haleigh(YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE IN PILLBILLY HELL ANYMORE WITH IDIOTS)IMO. keep up the good work art ,i wish they could clone you,honesty is so hard to find in any of this poor little darlins saga.

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OMFG,is misty for real?With junior being 3 at the time he would have loved to tell that story(if it was the truth!!!!)this whopper surley would traumitize any child over 1yrs old,no wait,i'm sure the next version will be he slept right thru it,he loved his sissy so much you could'nt have shut that little boy up with a whippen with a stick,or did joe threaten him with a gun to his head too,misty is the biggest dumb arse liar i have ever heard of in my 54 years of life.no sympathy whatsoever from this camp,MISTY IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS,rest in peace haleigh darlin,none of those ARSEHOLES(WHOEVER DID THIS OR PARTICIPATED)can ever hurt you again,we will love you in Indiana 4-ever and never 4-get you either......thanks for letting me vent art,this is so freaking sad ,my heart bleeds for that sweet little darlin everyday.