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I am waiting for the administration to tell us how they plan to pay for this massive new entitlement. They are broke. Maybe the media could do their job and ask some important questions. The postal service is broke. The medicare system is broke. The social security system is broke.... I believe we are currently playing with monopoly money and our lives are in the balance. My son and his wife are doctors in Detroit. Every day people who need lifesaving cardiac care cross the border from Ontario. The window for successful intervention is 25-30 minutes and Detroit is their only option. Anyone who believes that a government who cannot efficiently run anything, is going to run a health care system without losing quality is deluding themselves. Those of us with chronic diseases will be out on the iceberg right after the elderly are floated out to die. Aristotle61 speaks about the health care lie in great detail. It's similar to all of the other lies that the left and the media perpetuate from global warming to abortion to the decline of conservatism....you name it. They've focus grouped the lingo and they run with it. Maybe we are too naive to compete. Maybe we are too honest to engage them with their own tactics. Maybe we are incapable of winning, but I am fairly certain that is another lie in the making. Bush won two terms. Congress turned over for Bush before the Dems took over in 2006. The Dems have had congressional control for 2 years. Obama has been in for a little more than 100 days. Why are we letting them talk about conservatism as if it is a dinosaur? It seems to me that conserative ideas win. In fact they are so popular that Obama lied about his liberal views while campaigning. Maybe we need to stop accepting the premise and press forward with the truth. Nationalized health care will cost lives. It will produce less qualified medical professionals, fewer medical professionals, less medical research, a decline in drug company profits which inevitably lead to fewer medical advances. Let them run with this and we are all screwed. It is time to CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES SCREAMING! WE ARE ALL BEING DUPED!

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Can you say Ross Perot and Bill Clinton? The dems would love nothing better than to divide and conquer. Why don't we settle for picking our own candidate. Michael Steele might try reshaping our primary election process so that the libs on the East coast don't select our loser.

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We can boycott the companies that advertise on their network. We hit them in their pocketbooks. That's all they understand. We have the numbers and the power. Money talks.

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Listen up WISCONSIN. There is an important election tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7th. Please vote for Randy Koschnick for Supreme Court and Rose Fernandez for State Superintendent of Schools. Planned Parenthood has been robo-calling for their opponents all week. It's unprecedented that they would take a stand on school superintendent. The conservatives must have them very worried. All politics is local. Vote tomorrow for Rose and Randy.

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I recognize that we are not all of one mind. That's why we debate, but none of us need to be lectured about waking up. I suspect we do need someone, anyone that cut through the crap and give us a voice. And yes, it is bigger than one person. That's why we're here.

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I like them both, but I think Newt has the most political power. I'd get behind him in a minute. One because he is brilliant and two because he is a historian. History is repeating itself. If we have articulate representation, and access to the press, which is doubtful, we win.

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If you don't believe in the sanctity of life, then you are not a conservative. You may be a libertarian, but you are not a conservative. What do you think the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" means? As a medical professional, I can assure you that the bulk of the pro-abortion arguments are bogus. For instance, an
OB-GYN who has a patient whose life is in jeopardy, would not choose to kill the baby. She would do everything in her power to save both lives. The left has taken over the killing industry. They lobby for laws that protect their rights to profit by abortion, but do everything in their power to deny real informed consent. We have been inadvertently funding this travesty for years. Our federal planned parenthood money makes us all accomplices. We can offer better as a society. In the very least, we can stop federal funding and obfuscation of the truth.

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1. Term Limits
2. Voter ID
3. Overturn MC Cain/Feingold campaign finance laws
4. Full vetting of presidential candidates by American People - tax returns, medical records, school records
5. Flat Tax

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One more thing - my senators and congressman from Wisconsin are liberal democrats. They pay no attention to me at all, but I keep it coming. I will be working double time to unseat them all.