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I have done more research, and the research is all the same, and has not changed. Grizzly bears ARE MOST DEFINITELY in the Idaho panhandle. Only very few have been tagged, compared to their numbers. I was told this recently when I talked to one of my good friends, who IS a judge in Idaho. The judge said that because of travel and tourism reasons, the State of Idaho wants the public to "believe" that there are no longer any grizzlies in Idaho's panhandle; that Idaho is fearful of losing lots of money, through travel and tourism, if the truth were known to the public.

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One thing is for certain, you couldn't use the Adirondack lounges on the deck upstairs facing the lake. They wouldn't fit. I wouldn't want to use them out on the area above the glass garage.

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I agree. I love butterflies and call them flying flowers! I'm sure there are such whimsical hooks that we, ourselves, can buy. I think I'll start looking and maybe order one.

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The gravel just makes everything in the landscaping areas look UGLY. They could have used the smooth pebbles--they would have been beautiful and done the same "drainage" as the gravel. I'm surprised this crew didn't get a bunch of old tires, paint them white, fill them with dirt and use them everywhere outside as planters! LOL It certainly wouldn't have looked any more hickey than their use of all that ugly gravel! The hot tub is right up against all of those open-creviced rocks, close enough for snakes to stretch themselves to slither from the crevices to the tub--yes, even at night! Remember, they are cold blooded and seek warmth. Believe me, snakes will be in those crevices-they are perfect places for snakes! Plus the hot tub is way too far from the rest of the lower patio. Why would they put it near the sleeping area of the master suite--but not close enough to access the suite? If the owners have older children who enjoy using the hot tub with friends, it WILL get noisy at night and be very disturbing if the Mr. or Mrs. of the house were trying to read in the master suite or just rest.. Did anyone ever even straighten that tree? Did anyone answer Sally's question about a gravel or paved drive at the "hangout" on Friday, the 16th, when read by Laurie out loud? No, they did not. Maybe this crew just was not up to par like others of past BCs. Also, I was looking at the white siding a few minutes ago (on the cabin cam that's all there is). To me, it looks odd--like pin pricked or puckered everywhere-but in an orderly fashion. Maybe that's how it is supposed to look, but I hate the look of it. I also noticed the window on the upper left, that the siding really looks "funny" in one area where the window frame meets the siding (like a mess-up?) The lake is beautiful, though!=/

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@MooseRodeoRider: Thank you for kindly taking your time to answer those questions. I am glad to hear the grass doesn't need to be mowed since I still can't do as much as I use to before my lymphoma. If everyone likes the gravel, I shouldn't have mentioned it. Same with the hot tub by the rocks.

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I so agree with you!;)

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Hello, petvet40: Maybe that large, round, wooden-lined object is a planter for a tree of some sort--a Weeping, Japanese Cherry would be a beautiful, graceful choice since it wouldn't grow too large. ( I don't know if it would be too cold there for that kind.) I noticed cgn1plus7 suggested sowing wildflower seeds if the owner didn't want all of that grass--good idea! I, too, have always used the landscaping pebbles. I just do not like the look of gravel. Have you noticed the steep bank directly left front of the outbuilding? Maybe they plan to fill that in with some of the dirt, hopefully!

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I have been away and didn't realize that the cabin cam had disappeared until just now! What a huge and utter disappointment for those of us who so enjoyed watching! I wish DIY would reconsider and put it back on. NOTE THIS: If you look at the cabin cam right now, there is a picture of the house. I would like to know what that large round wooden-lined "tub" is going to be used for, that is located down by the base of the house VERY near the stacked rocks but not very near the house. I would also like to know what is the object that is on the far right of the deck, right by the kitchen sliding glass door, that looks black with a wooden, kind of slatted front. You can see it in the link where it shows Quenton Hamilin holding his birthday pie. I'll have to be honest and say I didn't want to see all of that grass that will have to be mowed!! Also, wouldn't small, smooth, white or neutral-colored pebbles have looked much better in that round landscaping area they have there in the grassy area? I just think the use of gravel IN that landscaping area looks terrible. Even mulch would have looked better.

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Welcome, Karin!:)

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Hi, OCO--I just wanted to say good morning to you and ask you how your area near Dallas has been faring with all the severe weather the last few days. I certainly hope you haven't been affected by any of it. When I talked to my mother yesterday, she asked if I had seen where there was a big tornado that went through Shawnee, Oklahoma, on Saturday. My paternal grandparents and father were from that area, which is just about 25 miles outside of Oklahoma City. Needless to say, I have been glued to The Weather Channel! LOL