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Did you notice that President Obama pounded the pulpit while speaking? He's revealing his forceful nature!
I’ll try and quote President Obama by memory: “This is not about me, I have good health care and so does all of Congress.” I think that he hit the nail on the head if he wants the backing of the American people... I would support a healthcare plan that involves the President of the United States, Congress, and of course all other government workers to have the same healthcare plan that they pass for us ... We the People! I would like to POUND that one in Mr. President!

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Three ideas for Gretchen of Fox and Friends, parents:

1) Leave all the keys in the cars and by word of mouth... "Oh I can't believe I left all of the keys in the cars!"

2) Sell the cars at the reduced rate to your loyal customers (many people could care less about the warranty with a good deal), instead of the chosen dealership down the road.

3) Sell the cars to your employees for $1.00, let them drive them around a bit, they sell it back to the dealership, and the dealership sells them as used cars.

Would any of these ideas work? Or did this get someones creative juices going?

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The Tea Party we attended was energizing! A healthy engagement of our 1st Amendment Right! Our neighborhood has met for two months now with three main objectives: 1. Study our American Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States along with other historical writings. 2. Keep each other abreast of developing current events in how they preserve, protect, defend our Constitution, or what has sadly, too often been the case; trample upon our Constitution. 3. To support one another in developing and maintaining self-reliance. I am happy to report that as our families have gathered together, we see our youth strengthened as they too are engaged in preserving the greatness of the American spirit! We will continue to meet and support all peaceful action that is for American sovereignty!

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Well said!

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I called family and friends to announce a first... I agreed with something President Obama did! I am pleased that he gave the order for snipers to take the pirates, no Terrorists out. Our hero's: The Navy Seals, The Captain, and all the military force. Thank you! Now President Obama, please keep going after the Terrorists!

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Governor Signs Pro-Gun Bill into Law!
Thank You for Your Hard Work and Support!
On Wednesday, April 8, House Bill 65A was signed by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter (R). The bill goes into effect on Wednesday, July 1.

HB65A will enable law-abiding Idahoans to purchase firearms in non-contiguous states. It will also permit non-residents to purchase long guns in Idaho. As the outdated law currently stands, residents of Idaho can only purchase firearms from immediately surrounding states. With the enactment of this bill, a resident of Idaho would now be allowed to purchase a firearm in most of the 49 other states. This bill affects only rifles and shotguns, as federal law prohibits interstate handgun sales.

Thank you to all of the NRA members who stood in support of HB65A. Without you this victory would not have been possible.

Please take the time to thank Governor Otter for signing HB65A. The Governor can be reached by phone at 208-334-2100 or visit http://gov.idaho.gov/WebRespond/contact_form.html to send email.

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New Administration!

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If we fly The United States American Flag on our vessels, doesn't that mean our 2nd Amendment protects its US citizens and therefore we can carry our firearms on board regardless of what port we enter? We have the right to defend and protect ourselves while in international waters! I know that some have discussed having security hired for these vessels, but even if that were the preference of the owners of the vessels, I would want my firearm with me on the high seas!

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After watching Bill O'Reily's show last night, I learned that there isn't any International law about carrying arms on vessels, but after my research, I came across the many different laws around the world, that exist when a vessel enters port. I also found some comments on a yacht blog:

There are conversion kits to adapt a flare gun to fire shotgun shells which might not get you jailed…

I mounted a “signal cannon” that fired black powder. This was legal in all countries and areas that I checked back then. Of course I had a couple of dozen beer cans full of concrete that just happened to fit the canon, as well as a homemade bag or two of “grapeshot”. Hey, they were fish weights!! Yeah right!.

My own preemptive idea -> I understand the pirates were in a lifeboat? Instead of shooting them with the water (the 21 members on board the US cargo ship were successful the first time), pop their lifeboat with the flare gun to sink them with all their fire arms, then pick up the ones that want to be rescued, or not.

My prayers are with the captain that is still held hostage. If you want to comment on how to handle it now go to this link: http://foxforum.blogs.foxnews.com/2009/04/10/youd...

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"Only 29% of Americans believe possession of handguns by private citizens should be banned." I'm grateful that percentage is low despite the recent mass killings and maybe it's low because of it. How else do we defend ourselves from the criminal element, as well as the enemies to our great nation? I know I'm more determined than ever to preserve my constitutional right to own guns. If every legal citizen owned a gun and everyone knew it, criminals and enemies to our nation would think twice before violating our liberties. It appears that the international law for international waters concerning the pirates attacking our cargo ship, is an example right now of law abiding citizens not able to arm themselves. I believe this piracy also allows us to see into the future under the transnational law resulting in us, the American citizens being stripped of our liberties and our sovereignty. Our Constitution is being trampled upon by the trans-nationalists because they believe that the international law is universal and supersedes all world governments. I hope that all American citizens of this United States will preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution through exercising the 2nd Amendment.