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somehow occasional air raid drills seem so much less scary than all the crap today... you could pray in school..
leave your doors unlocked without fear...leave your car running to run in a store and it would still be there when you come out,..pickup trucks with racks in back window with several shot guns, was a non issue... kids knew what respect meant, and if they forgot were corrected real quick... folks had jobs...kids wanted to work after school and summers...oh i could go on .....yeah the fifties..,No apps needed to play a game of kick the can...in the dark..in pretty much any neighborhood...lol

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Bravo....best comment !

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I am just in shock, may Andrew R.I.P. / Andrew would expect all his faithful followers to carry on the quest to out the MSM,.
I hope that the video's Andrew spoke about at CPAC ..will be exposed...It is what he had planned to do and I hope someone makes it happen.

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that guy is a jerk...on many levels..and if his wife viewed this i hope she kicked him to the curb!

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well why are we not using water to fuel cars.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ3juM6vHwg
because of Big oil is my guess...
BTW Stan Meyer died mysteriously ..anyone care to guess why?
check this out as well.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Npt0eYA4U&fe...

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pretty darn good lyrics....

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I heard civility cured BARACKFLUENZA ......

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Trump should stick to what he knows..and it's NOT politics!

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OKAY Hershey candy company it's up to you.. start making super size candy bars ...bye, bye Mars!!!!

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you don't dress up for show like that..you dress down!