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If that's the facts, then let's have more of them.

I'm outraged that the poster was outraged that we are supposed to be outraged about the government being outraged about koran burnings.

Yet I am outraged that we as a "civilized" society would condone the burning of books in the first place. Should we be happy a Quran was burned? Of course not, even if it is the biggest book of lies ever written.

So what are the facts of the case?

It doesn't excuse or incriminate those burning the books... that evil terrorists used it to justify what they were doing anyway.

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Ahmadinejad was a student at the time.

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Collective salvation per se is not satanic.

There were many groups of people said to be saved "together" or damned "together". It's a matter of principle that we must not judge G-d or how he judges us. That is part of the criteria for how we ourselves will be judged in the end.

Should G-d choose to save a group in one circumstance or an individual in another, I'm sure there could be justifiable reasons for Him to do so.

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Absolutely. Let him show us where communism leads so we can know what we face. May Obama show the way back to G-d and away from godlessness.

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Your words run long without a sense of any purpose.

Are you an occupier?

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On whose payroll are you, sweet Sarah?

I'm just a programmer for yet another corporation, usually an independent contractor. I don't need Koch or Soros and they don't need me.

I just want freedom and prosperity for myself and my children. Don't you?

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Android, blackberry, palm, sony, nikke, webcam on a laptop, acer netbook, polaroid, old school regular picture maker...

They simple had no other choice but to hurt others and lie about it.

If you think about it, that is how you excuse evil... (the nazis had no choice but to kill all the jews, or their superiors would kill them, see....)

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Islam demands minority rights until they are the majority... then minorites must convert to islam.

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Follow the law.

But justice needs mercy... or we'd all be executed for each our thousands of crimes.

We need to change our law to reflect the reality, we cannot build ourselves up by tearing down any group of people.

How many came seeking amnesty, were denied on technicality or due to lack of legal representation, and stayed anyway? Considering how bad the situation is in Mexico, and how many came here from there and worse nations, I'd say more than you want to admit.

So when talking about your fellow humans, however "bad" it was to come here against the local laws, remember the pilgrims did so as well. We need sensible laws and sensible enforcement, but your "right' to this land is not a "right".

It is a gift from the Almighty, and those who come for amnesty are ALSO His Children. Be thankful for what He gave to us for our care. He can take it away.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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We should remember this next time a purported leftist is held up for scorn and ridicule.

Gentile behavior would be warranted, I expect.

We should be the change we want to see in our opponents. Polarization has blinded us to our true goals for society - for everyone to be free, and to feel cared about by society, religious institutions, and as a last resort cared for by the government.