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Honestly, why would any even bother to give her space to voice her myopic and ridicules views…. for hundreds of years, Malays have been living besides places of worships all over Malaysia, since when did they ever become confused????

These type attention seek and they’ll spew just to get published hahaha

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Perhaps one must always be mindful of history, just because one speaks a few words of Queens English, wears expensive clothes, dines at fine dining, entertains at high end restaurants, or wears luxury watches or drives luxury cars doesn’t make them Gentlemen.

There thousands of men out there just do that, flashy all the time, but intellect is another realm. Historically a villans were just that, Europe has many examples.

Could it be that when one is in the lower tiers of life, one always gets impressed with oratory skills and richness of another, he is not the only one with an IVY league credentials, intellectually, well thats open for debate, in the land of the uninformed, any with two cents will seem intelligent. Don’t you think so???

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i wish to mintak maaf to the rakyat kerana gaji yang kami dapat daripada kutipan income tax, ini tidak akan berulang lagi…. i assure you

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the Finance Ministry gave its approval to write off…. who gave the approval????

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After decades of mismanagement, the obvious route is to terminate and lead by example and if the upper echelon are involved than they too must be held accountable. Thats the way forward.

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sound advise… hopefully it will be adhered too.

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while all of these quotes and speeches were being made, VW to Invest 1 BILLION EURO in Thailand….. FDI Missions was made in London lately called INVEST MALAYSIA, i wonder how they missed VWs investment????

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Well in 1970s,80s the people were nat as davy (meaning learned) as they are today. Hadi is living in the by-gone era…..

Hadi should answer why did PAS inform Malaysians that they will be submitting 2 names from PKR???

Please don’t insult the rakyat by making dumb founded statements, Malaysians are not that naive. being a President, one must understand the consequence of their action, here, Hadi has damaged PAS reputation, he and the merry man has brought shame to the Party,

PAS is not living in a island filled with only it’s members, are you now?

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The way forward for Malaysians is to Vote Their Conscience. If they are not agreeable to either coalition than vote credible independent candidates. To those of you who are not aligned to any party, should now make plans to stand as candidate in the next GE.

State your aspiration and work for the people, the Plurals are the next deciding bloc, pitch to them what your plans are and stand as candidate, in-fact the deposit can be raised via crowdsourcing.

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Oh btw way, the other half of PAS that doesn’t agree with Hadi should just resign and join PKR or DAP. After all no religion teaches it’s followers to lie, sneak and betray another, does it now????????