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He is so far into his hero worship of Obama that he doesn't even realize the stupid remarks he is making. This is not Democracy at work. No elections were held. The military has taken control and forced Mubarak to relinquish power. It is now a military controlled country until elections are held. In the past all candidates had to have the military's approval to run for office. That makes it a tainted election. No one who disagrees with the top brass in their military stands a chance of becoming president. And Obama did not make it happen. The military did it to save their country from an economic crisis or possible collapse because of how long and large the protests were becoming. Obama has the power to end the birther controversy once and for all. All he has to do is provide the long form birth certificate that names the hospital he was born in and bears the signature of the doctor who delivered him. He chooses to hide all records of his past, instead. He is prolonging the whole issue.

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Oregon used to be a nice place to live, until the sewage overflow from California took over the Willamette valley and killed off the normal people. Now it is just California North. They have passed so many ridiculous laws since the progressive liberal takeover, that it is no longer the wonderful state that it once was. There are still some very nice people there,but they are now in the minority, so they just have to put up with the stench.

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Maybe Kerry could do the honorable thing and offer to take his place. We need to stand firm on this man's immunity.

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Did he actively participate in any activity, do work for them, or support their cause in return? The Citizens United case was not even around 20 years ago. Just because they supported his nomination does not mean they bought his soul. He made a reasoned argument based on the constitution and it's principles. Does that mean that if any group or individual supports a nominee, then forevermore any court proceedings involving them is tainted? I think that is stretching it a bit. If he had belonged to the organization, or worked for them, then yes. In this case, NO.

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Poor little pre-teen girls must be crushed!

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Perhaps if we just the funding for Muslim Outreach, and pushing the man-made global warming theories, and just concentrate on factual science and space exploration, we could get a technological return on our investments.

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It was just her little pet. Better not tease it, or it might get nasty. At least you know what it's temperament will be like. It is probably best that he wasn't walking her little creature on a leash!

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perhaps the ATF should stop telling gun dealers to "go ahead and sell to people you know are straw buyers, because we want to see where the guns end up." The only guns that are traceable are ones sold in the US

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The plants told him to say that during their last conversation in the garden. If you want to get an idea of his intelligence, remember how he walked away from a gorgeous lady and chased after a horse, all the while wishing he could be the horse's tampon!

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Way too many people in the truck. My crew cab only seats six.