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Part of it? I sourced the holo badges for the last Christmas party!

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Really, truly astounding; paranoia and conspiracy are hourglass-shaped distortions on reality. First, an overly specific solution to a host of issues(e.g. banghazi to Hillary's pact with Satan, the hatred of the american public and military by The Dictator In Mom Jeans, and the suspicious lack of massive intelligence failures in progressive administrations) forms, then, when the poor assumptions open up under the theory, a small group digs in; these people experience an ever widening conspiracy as they continue to interpret their world through a model formed on the demonstrably false.

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and yes I said yes I will yes...

lovely =]

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Awwwwwwwww yay.

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Wicked fun; glad to meet y'all!!!

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in San Francisco, there is a bar on mission called Sycamore; it has a regularly shifting and excellent selection on tap and a big outdoor area in back where we can roll spliffs and drink outside at picnic tables or in a cozy seating circle.

It's about 2 blocks from the 16th and mission BART stop, so the oaklanders can get there pretty easy, super queer friendly, and--amazingly--unarrogant; the food's not bad either, and they let you bring in the local taquiero food after the kitchen closes.

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