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Academic qualifications is not the only measure of the suitability of a candidate in any election. Very importantly the overall interest of the people, understanding the problems of the average citizen of that country. Giving hope to everyone and also talking about how the problems of the various groups will be addressed especially in a multiracial and multicultural country like Malaysia. This person terrifies the non-Muslim like me who is the third generation in this country and my children who are fourth generation.

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Ladies most of the time you were attacking the male for being inconsiderate, callous, fixated on the sharply female figure, etc towards women when you have an enemy of your own sex!

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Comical interlude in between an election that may or may not change the political future of this nation and that may steer the nation towards better times or worse times.

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Isn't this getting a bit ridiculous?

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Thank you for this timely article. It is very important to save our wild lives that is our natural heritage. I just finished my posting regarding an Indian court sending to prison the super star Salman Khan to prison for killing an endangered species in India. His fans are angry with the decision of the court stating he is a super star and have done a lot for social welfare. Even though I love his movies and he is a great actor, I support that court's decision. The law should not be bent according to the social status of the person.

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This is a classic joke. Violating all things known about genetic coding. Loyalty, preference for something, academic achievement etc of an individual entering into the individual's genetic code within one generation is unheard of in this field of research. This is what happens when too much power is given to one individual to decide the fate of the nation. A very big nation with great economic power. Welcome 1984 in 2018! George Orwell will be laughing/crying in his grave!

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There are pros and cons if no 'rocket' for DAP. Now the political landscape looks interesting and unpredictable. First time the Malaysians must make a definite choice. Something that never happened before.

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Is this the most important issue right now? Just make sure every town has a field and manage it well for our youngsters. This will shift them from spectators to participators in sports.

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Please do. It is your right. Your party has been very consistent in your stand on many issues.

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Thanks for your well written article. My heart reaches for people like Rosiah. At least someone higher up has promised that her case will be pursued so that she gets her citizenship. Others in similar predicament like Rosiah should also be considered if they have at least one Malaysian parent, their birth not registered out of parents' ignorance etc... These cases require compassionate consideration. We are dealing with the future of these human beings.