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evil idiots.

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christen some navy ship the uss liberty and have it deliver supplies to gaza.

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im am eagerly awaiting in the next few year some american politician saying
"we have to back al qaeda because of 9.11"

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so it's either a Freudian slip or Scott Horton is the one making your hyperlinks.

but your swipe at huckabee is a link to rand paul's twitter account praising netayahu's reelection

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there you go, not only won't he cut the military he will remove the one remaining form of accountability.

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american aggrandizement: no one in the world could be successful with out secret support from the united states.

russians don't have a drone called "Autobasa."
they do have a jamming system called "Avtobaza"
which was deliver to iran shortly before they downed the drone.

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ha! the saudies can go f*** themselves as hard as possible.
don't we still owe them a shock and awe for nine eleven?

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"as with Hitler" stopped reading there.

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wait... was that a swipe at scott horton?
the one who was right on rand all along?

i guess the realist who live in the real world will settle for a liberty movement that will cut food stamps, but not the pentagon.
hey its a start.
and come on we have to be realistic here, if you want to get elected you need aipac.
so lets just ask aipac what cuts are acceptable and build the liberty movement around that,
you know, to be practical...
or are you going to now switch your support to those other libertarian anti war politicians,you know... ole whats-his-name...

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terrorism is a modern phenomenon, it was first put in to practice by the Zionist in Palestine, on the idea that do to the new communications technology and news media a group can achieve vastly greater results if it is magnified by catching the ears of this new communication network, and to make sure it was reported they target those who it would be impossible to ignore, mainly high ranking British officers,
you can argue that other groups have been using terrorism before the Zionist movement, but this is not really the case, assassination and covert attacks have always taken place.
but they are all focused on the target, you kill a high rank official so that there is a dead high ranking official for revenge, to send a message to the regime or as a strategic asset removed the target was the target.
the difference with terrorist is that it assumes the world is watching and listening, and that a single act can galvanize large sections of the world opinion(at least the world plugged in to the only real news services available at the time)and so Zionist targeted British officers not because they were British officers but because that would be the most "news worthy item"

yassar arafat perfected the idea when after successfully hijacking five planes landing them in Jordan releasing all the hostages unharmed and blowing up the planes on television so destabilized the Jordanian government that it brought about black September and almost toppled the Jordanian goverment along with pulling Israel and Syria in to the conflict.

the fact that the world is so focused on this little region that has long practiced and perfect the idea of terrorism is not hard to figure out, terrorism is the modern media plain and simple.
magnify or ignoring this or that at will and remaking the world.
cant spend seventy years trying to magnify yourself in the media and then wonder why things are out of proportions.

im as tired of israel in the news as anyone, at the start of the obama administration we were talking about a permanent settlement freeze and full negotiations. 8 years laters we have news editors bohooing the fact that people are concerned that no one cares that israel is drowning the people it was supposedly going to grant qausi-independence almost a decade ago.
Israel has unfortunately destroyed antisemitism.

its very hard to argue irrational hatred of what should rationally be hated, and its hard to say there is a difference between israel and jews when most jews do proclaim very loudly their support for israel.

well that and the fact that people all over the world seem to be moving towards and not away from religion makes for a very bleak future for athiest antizionist jews such as myself.


p.s. a comment on the actual article: isnt this what america launched an air campaign to prevent happening at the mosul dam?