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in iraq the kurds have a defacto state and are expanding their territory.
anyone can see we are quickly moving towards the day when it will be dejure

when turkey became a country out of an empire they did quite a bit of horrible things to ensure a turkish population.
im sure they will be willing to do far worse than back isis to keep kurdistan from forming out of iraq and syria, since they believe, as i do, that the kurd in turkey will join kurdistan and take part of turkey with them.

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his cheif of staff was rahm emanuel.

just like everything else people chose to see the obama they wanted instead of the one standing in front of their faces.

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only 200 miles of open desert to the Euphrates from there.

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"Now if he was German"
he is.

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what it oddly enough means is that the government is too right wing even for netayahu, being a hypocrite means remembering to at least say the right thing when you are doing the wrong thing, most of the MKs loudly proclaim the wrong thing.

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houthis and the socialist, first saudi had one enemy now they have two.

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i doubt it, Saudis have no problems with exporting jihadi fighters and wahhabi teachers, but they do not particularly like them at home.
stability within has always been their primary goal.
if you are correct though, together with the war in yemen it would represent radical shift in saudi policy.

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when this started i was sure this was simply a ploy to draw iran in to a shooting war with saudi arabiath
but the similarities between this "war" and Israel's various attacks on gaza and Lebanon are quite striking.

it seems the point is not to dislodge or really defeat hamas/hezbollah/houties but to punish the people who have accepted their position as a governing body, and prevent any functioning society to take hold while those groups are in power.

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its what the roman's called their state, Res Publica, Imperium, Saeculum, Civilitas