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if confirmed as true this is not the first time israel has launched airstrikes against sudan.

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a nice recruitment drive for the al baghdadi caliphate before they get under way toppling some arab capitals.

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"Rabbi Yaakov Roger, a member of the Chief Rabbinate and Rabbi of ZAKA, the rabbi at the morgue of Forensic Medicine, said in a conversation with Behadrey Haredim that for the first time, since receiving the case where bodies lay in the warm weather, worms were not found on their bodies. "

the rabbi is celebrating it as a miracle and proof of the children's sainthood, but any rational person might come to wonder just when the bodies where found.

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"and die-hard libertarians like Justin Raimondo would answer, "No, they weren't!"

alot more than just die-hard libertarians did not agree with the cold war military build up and aggressive wars wage under the pretext of containing communism.

honestly right wingers are the biggest believers in the efficacy of the soviet communism, everyone else on the planet saw it for the hollow giant it was, while the right in America was worried that the soviet juggernaut was about to conquer japan korea pakistan afghanistan all of the middle east role over the entire europe, hop over and smash the british iles and then steam across and capture every thing between novascotia alaska and argentina all simultaneously .

while those who were paying attention would be slightly more bemused by the inablitly of the soviet union to properly allocate shoes.

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the fact that mass murder is wrong is something one should not be learning from experience

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nsa does not need reform, it needs to be abolished.

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the scope of this mess boggles the mind.

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the problem is not who is funding them, but whether they now possess enough territory to be self sustaining.

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ad-Dawla al-Islāmiyya fi al-'Irāq wa-sh-Shām

the reign of islam in iraq and the levant

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please post a link where i can find out about this "2000 years of oppression."

there have been thousands of social/political/ethnic/religious groups that have been totally wiped out and not a record or memory of their existence remains.

on the other hand you have a group that has flourished all over the world, and now possess one of the top five largest nuclear arsenals.