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the russian homeland is ukraine.
americans don't have one.

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well after being privy to an early draft of the saudi report i think we can all agree that all civilians killed by saudi indiscriminate bombing were in fact all killed by iran!
time for more sanctions!

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and today iraq officially ended.

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israel has a system of elections.
by number of representatives to population they are one of the more democratic countries in the world.
the arabs have a party. the anti occupation side has a party, there are clear alternatives available and free and fair elections to select them in.
the israeli people voted for war on gaza, annexation of the west bank, increased power of religious authorities, and belligerence towards america.
to absolve the israeli people from the crimes of their governments is to say no people on earth ever have any responsibility in what their state does.

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seems like when you are dealing with an army of five people you should at least be able to keep track of exactly how many there are.

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you can't really blame tiny weak countries folding under pressure. these "request" most likely came in the form of threats.

with 7 million people they are smaller than israel and have the fastest shrinking population in the world(aside for the countries with all the refugees i assume)

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“Unfortunately, the deal with Iran enables it to preserve – and even to expand – its vast nuclear infrastructure which is completely unnecessary for a civilian nuclear program but is vital to manufacturing nuclear weapons,” the Israeli leader added.


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lol he is standing on the boder between Kurdish territory and iran to stop the Iranians,

perhaps he should turn around and go south west to Baghdad if he is worried about about iran, im sure the central government will know what to do with him when he tells them isis and iran are the same thing, maybe they will send him to ramadi or falujah to train some anti iran fighters

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it has been clear for several years, that facts play no role in the "debate on iran".