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putting down armed rebellion,
the french were invading sengal the english south africa, the dutch, bali, the americans where finishing of the western native Americas,
nothing particularly gruesome or terrible except that it was carried out by a muslim

inter communal violence between ethinic groups
if you want to talk about massacres commited by one ethinic group against anouther with tacit support from the empire, once again we could have a nice long look at what every european power was doing at this exact time.
(including fighting on the side of the ottoman empire against russia!)

and the results of the dismemberment of the empire can not be attributed to the empire.

all that being said, yes it was an empire it was heavy handed and oppressive and capricious and tyrannical, but so was every major european power.

unless i happened to misunderstand you? and you regularly refer to the "generational plague on the world" that was england, france america ect

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"The Byzantine Empire. by Charles William Chadwick Oman "
being my main source on this topic,
i did not say that the catholic hatred was the only reason for the roman fall,
at the time of the Turkish invasion i believe there were 5 separate pretenders to the thrown of Byzantium.

and i very much so disagree with the notion of "Ottoman atrocities that plagued the world for generations." without any examples.

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thats how Constantinople fell in the first place,
the roman empire fell to the turks because the roman catholics hated it more than anything else.
the roman (Byzantium) empire survived 400 years of wars with the caliphate, and retook land from the muslims after the caliphates collapse.
its was internal civil war and treachery of the Catholics that allowed Anatolia and Constantinople to fall to the turks.
but that being said, once the turks controlled Constantinople they reestablished a bureaucracy that was the envy of every european power, and for much of its history it was more european than europe(if by european we mean roman)

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"Stalingrad style"

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i fail to see how some rag tag rebels who have vast support from some of the strongest countries in the world and are barely able to maintain a grip on the shattered shell of the otherwise irrelevant city of Aleppo are our generations nazis,
a simple arms embargo at the start of this war would have ended it in months,

remember this from 3 years ago?

russia does not need to level any cities, they only need to control the borders.

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so... you are saying the the united states and russia are working together because they are afraid of the eu?

A+ for creativity.

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well if they are getting 50 dollars a month then i presume no one is paying,

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you cant fight if you cant eat,

50 dollars is what a nyc panhandler can make on a good day.

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back in the old days when one state taxed its subjects in order to pay another state it was called tribute.

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at least in the later roman empire(Byzantium) the circus was not just entertainment but a highly politicized event, with the Greens (monophosites, populists) and the Blues (orthodox, elitist) where not just passive consumers of entertainment, but where highly active in politics and religion, over throwing emperors, change state policies, and generally being a nuisance to the the state by making their will known through collective violence and intrigue .