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I'm they guy who is probably responsible for today's comment system.
If I didn't introduce Intensedebate comment system to Seth in the past, i wonder what would the comment system look like.
I feel that I helped Seth to have this amazing comment section by simply introducing Intensedebate.

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Lights out at Burnaby BC.
Thanks wind. You are a real pal.

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In the mean time, the facebook page of Humble Bundle is still crying.

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Been a WHILE since the last time I visited.
Hello fellas. If you guys need a place to hang out while that's something game related, drop by to my stream channel!

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The Facebook page of this Humble Bundle post is FULL of butthurt apeshits.
And it's gloriously delicious to watch them suffer themselves.

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This could be either a good move or a bad move for Humble Bundle.
It will be good because of MLP book sales.
It will be bad because of anti brony extremists that will stop using or supporting entire Humble Bundle when this goes live.
Then again, I think the number of anti brony extremists have died in numbers over the years, but who knows.

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Someone. Anyone. Please.
Give this gentleman a chocolate chip cookie.

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And so, the fandom takes over the show. One shipping at a time.

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So I have recently made a new world record in Super House of Dead Ninjas.
Time to break my other record in that game.

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Space Pirates. I blame FTL for that.