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This is the juice! Good stuff. You're beautiful. xo

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Hi there! Thanks for your comment. We (editors) feel the same way, for the most part, in that we need to be sharing more that is timely and about the bigger picture, worldly events. That said, we share a lot of material every day, and some of it is going to be uplifting and lighter, too. If you want to help us be more inclusive, relevant, news stories, please keep sharing them, commenting and discussing! We also invite you (anyone) to submit their own stories here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/submit/. - Ed.

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I agree with you about facts vs opinion vs emotional bias. When it came to the point I was trying to make about open communication, I did my best to be as unbiased as possible, acknowledging that both sides of this argument could have handled themselves with more respect and open communication.

However, just as "boy" implies what you said, "man" implies something different—something that, for reasons I don't quite understand, evokes less sympathy. I didn't choose the word "boy" all that intentionally, to be honest. I'm not much older than Brown was, and I still think of most of my male friends as boys—not out of disrespect, just because, in my mind, we are still so young.

Your point is totally valid, though, and I appreciate your response!

~ Emily

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Amen! Great point. What Highland Honey does is post apiaries all over the Front Range, usually in the middle of an organic farm--the farm donates the space because it needs bees, anyways, and the bees are kept safely away from pesticides, which cause them to behave drunkenly, die off, lose their way.

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My pleasure Annie. Great perspective and attitude.

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It says in the post: all photos via Imgur. If you have further concerns, please feel free to email us at editorial@elephantjournal.com. - Eds.

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I love the non-judgmental and instead supportive attitude of the author.

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Hi there - I'm not sure what you are talking about, here. Please email us with specific issues at editorial@elephantjournal.com. Thanks!

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I love how I'm the illustration fort his article. ~ Waylon