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Dear brownsaucey,
We appreciate and welcome your contributions to the conversation. While we agree with your analysis of this article as an example of American exceptionalism (or, as you put it, "white savior complex"), we also are a group of readers, writers, and editors focused on mindfulness. Mindfulness is largely centered around intention. So while this author may not have been aware of the assumptions and cultural leaps associated with yoga inside the prison system, she was certainly intending to be of benefit.
Thank you for contributing to this conversation, and we encourage you to submit your own piece(s) on this topic and others! Blessings, Light, & Love.

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Love this! More, please! Tweeted and shared on FB. ~ Waylon

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Todd Otten Do they make those iPad chairs for ages 35 & up?

Elephant Journal ahahah love you man.

Jeana S Like any tool, when used in moderation with proper supervision, not all bad. People who let toddlers watch tv by themselves should not judge. But these are ridiculous....toddlers should only use tablets with adult supervision to provide context and Language! There are many studies out there that show kids ignore tv when they watch alone and only remember songs or shows they saw with a parent. Learning requires a guide for kids under 5 especially.

Elephant Journal well said. I talked about moderation in my post, and used interactively, for learning as opposed to zoning out...well we're on the same page.

Kara C My toddler loves the iPad. I tried to keep it away but it did not work. So now it is full of toddler games, short movies, counting, spelling, matching, trains. He doesn't use it all the time and is very active, constantly on the go. I think it is responsible for him being able to count to 10 already and he has become quite good at the memory matching games that I played with a deck of cards. He leaves my mum video messages on Skype, which she loves. He's 20 months. I don't think they are all bad.

Lexa M how lazy are some parents? why have children if you are going to hand them over to a screen! just why?????

Jacinta M This is beyond negligence! This is rt up there with parents who don't deserve the right to bear children. If you can't stop and be present with your kids simple answer don't have them! >:-/

Kathy H I hate the words always and never. I can't understand the amount of fury some people bring with them to FB. If they are constantly doing something that entertains them they will not be able to entertain themselves, however, these games and shows can be very educational. I have a daughter who is already trying to say her ABCs. Sheis not even 2 and I heard her lying in her crib the other morning say, "LMNOP." This is almost entirely in thanks to Sesame Street. Parents need to use common sense.

Julie E the flip side to this is when they go to school. i gave my son very limited computer time. he was allowed to play educational games and from time to time play yoville. when he went to school he was kinda left out socialy. his class mates would talk about their games, videos, tv shows, all kinds of things computer related. he felt left out. the kids would make fun of him when he would talk of his intrests. also because he typed so slow and didnlt know the keyboard. if i had to do it over i think i would give him more time. not alot but def more than i gave him. i feel i held him back a bit socialy.

Sean M Under two none, no more than an hour of combined screen time after that. That's our philosophy.

mollie H Dana it's like the yogurt place yesterday

Joseph C God Of Mercy !!!

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You may well be right. It is, however, interactive, and screen free. I'm sure there are better options--do you have a suggestion?

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Um, we have a writer here. ~ Waylon

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Sure. But everything affects everything. As above,

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” ~ Bradley Miller

In other words, what we learn when we’re children matters. And we learn through play.

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“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” ~ Bradley Miller

In other words, what we learn when we’re children matters. And we learn through play.

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Oh, I'm not a hater! See our convo above. He seems like a big hearted man as you said.

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GMO crops are trademarked and patented. You technically are not allowed to grow the crops from the seeds you get from your GMO harvest which forces farmers to have to purchase / lease new seed every season.
Which actually screws farmers, and doesn't really help them if they have to spend the profits from selling their crops to just buy more seeds again.
EDIT: Not to mention GMO crops fail a lot too. http://www.gmwatch.org/index.php/news/archive/201...
EDIT EDIT:Like I said before
Los Banos, Laguna – “We loan the seeds, and pay upon harvest. We are usually left with empty sacks. So we loan for food and family expenses, and inputs to be able to plant for the next season. Upon harvest, we have leftover debt.” This is but one of the numerous testaments of farmers that farmer-scientist group MASIPAG has documented on film about the impact of GM corn in the lives and livelihood of corn farmers. http://masipag.org/
BLATANT EDIT: Just so I can cut all the attackers. Here is a link and excerpt from Monsanto's own words about why they won't let you keep the seeds from your crops.
Why Does Monsanto Sue Farmers Who Save Seeds?
Monsanto patents many of the seed varieties we develop. Patents are necessary to ensure that we are paid for our products and for all the investments we put into developing these products. This is one of the basic reasons for patents. A more important reason is to help foster innovation. Without the protection of patents there would be little incentive for privately-owned companies to pursue and re-invest in innovation. Monsanto invests more than $2.6 million per day in research and development that ultimately benefits farmers and consumers. Without the protection of patents, this would not be possible.
When farmers purchase a patented seed variety, they sign an agreement that they will not save and replant seeds produced from the seed they buy from us. More than 275,000 farmers a year buy seed under these agreements in the United States. Other seed companies sell their seed under similar provisions. They understand the basic simplicity of the agreement, which is that a business must be paid for its product. The vast majority of farmers understand and appreciate our research and are willing to pay for our inventions and the value they provide. They don’t think it's fair that some farmers don’t pay. http://www.monsanto.com/newsviews/pages/why-does-...
EDIT EDIT EDIT!!! Just to be clear I don't dislike the concept of GMO's just the practices of people who sell them.
Also here is another really good link to make you think.
Indian farmers and suicide: How big is the problem? http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/22msif/hond...