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Hmm... Maybe this is where the running gags about the coming "Zombie Apocolypse" originated. Zombies and Leftsts are remarkably similar after all....

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Well.. You can, but they give 20 to life for making the repair. So it usually stays broken.

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Which is why we'd best keep our eyes open and our powder dry. Watch for an "October surprise".
(And I really hope I am wrong.)

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AP fell for it too. Or more likely, lapped it up. http://news.yahoo.com/influence-game-leaks-show-g...

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You'd think that people like that guy would soon realize how foolish he looks. But, Lefties don't go much for brains or reality in the first place.

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Read the whole post and drop the name calling Lefty. If I am assaulted in my state I am allowed by law to respond with deadly force. Funny how our crime rate went down so fast when that passed. Of course, you just ignored reality and spouted off ignorance like most Leftists. Good job exposing yourself.

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Be kinda funny if these guys try this crap in my state. We're allowed to defend ourselves if assaulted.

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Hardly. But then again, Lefties rarely ever involve themselves with something so inconvenient as reality. It's all rainbows, unicorns, and Big Government slavery to you.

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Keep flappin' your trap. You prove our points about the Left with every post.

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I'd settle for an oddly pock-marked concrete wall....

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