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Sounds like a good time can be had by all in Austin!

If I hitched up my wagon some night and hightailed it into town, I think I'd start out the evening by pulling up to The White Horse for some two-steppin', then mosey on over and try my luck at The Broken Spoke dance hall. 'Bout that time I'd wander down to the Continental Club, where I'm guessin' I'd feel right at home at "The Granddaddy of local music venues." Course, after all that wild livin' I'd likely end up at the rough-and-tumble Hole in the Wall to cool my heels and see how the youngins are still kickin' it -- as long as I was back to the boarding house and my head hit the pillow by 10 pm. ^_^

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Since a diversity of dreams is always encouraged, RBublitz, aside from winning the Urban Oasis, there's sure to be an Asheville cottage that will appeal to the desire for quaint and cozy. Perhaps even this one: http://ashevillencrealty.com/listing/582009/36-ha...

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One of my favorite high-tech goodies in the Smart Home are those remote shades which can be programmed to lower automatically when the sun is sizzling, which in the desert is anytime between dawn to dusk in summer.

Besides, I've found that even when I leave a note for Terri by her water dish as a reminder, I can't always rely on her to lower the shades for me if I happen to be away from home during the middle of the day when the sun is at its worst.

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Although Austin hasn't been hit as hard as Houston with the flooding, minitoni2009, there are still problems and some rescues that have been made. Zilker Park has had a few trees down. Hopefully the Smart Home has stayed high and dry.

Here's a video taken of flood waters through downtown Austin's riverfront: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DmoS2Lab8Q

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Some additional details about what dates we might expect for the Blog Cabin 2015 Sweepstakes -Based on last year's 2014 dates:

The entry period for BC 2014 was from July 28 through Sept 12, 2014. The random draw for the winner's name was on/around Oct 3, 2014 and the winner was to be contacted in person or by overnight courier and phone approximately Oct 8, 2014. All subject to change of course.

I'd expect the entry period for Blog Cabin 2015 to be from July 27 through Sept 11, but we shall soon see what is to be.

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Although the lyrics say, "I never promised you a rose garden," I'm sure for the money that this grand estate would definitely come with a lovely rosarium.


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Then there are the Rarified Few who'll go for platinum -- and think nothing of writing a check for it!

When Only the Very Finest Will Do -- What you can get for a princely sum in Austin, TX

If You Have to Ask the Price: http://www.luxuryportfolio.com/Property/austin-pr... $16,900,000

(Coop's "Reach for the Stars" Weekday Wish List. Expressions of amazement are optional.)

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Tick Tock, Clock Watch TUESDAY.

From Cozy Cottage to Comfy Casa or Gracious Homestead -- What you can get for your money in the vibrant "Keep Austin Weird" capital of Texas, the ideal spot for the high-tech HGTV Smart Home 2015.

Two Feet on the Ground: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3104-Berrylawn-... $349,900

Moving on Up: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/11832-Portofino... $575,000

Sky's the Limit: http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/4102-River-Plac... $895,000

Which way would you go? High? Middle? Low? Either cottage, casa or spacious spread? Let your fellow dreamers know where you'd spend your bread.

(Coop's Weekday Wish List. Words and links to make you think, define your home style and, perchance to dream. Weekend wishing is optional.)

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^_^ I agree! One look at the covered porch/outdoor dining area with the forested views, and -- dare I say it -- my mind is already thinking "if I won the Urban Oasis, would I love it or list it, and move on up to this south Buncombe beauty?" Although I'd have to write the contract to include a finished sauna and plumbing installed for a wet bar along with the family room wired for a home theater.

Realistically, it may be Someone Else who'll be faced with that choice!

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The Mathews, VA Blog Cabin 2011 was certainly a heart-stealer!