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Prague is already one of my favorite cities, but could I love it even more if I learned to drink coffee and immersed myself in its cafe culture?

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A beautiful photo of the beach on Martha's Vineyard after the blizzard, and not a soul to be seen sunning themselves!

Must be time for another clambake at the Dream Home to warm things up.


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So, was everything better in the past? Well, sometime starting in the 1700's, this was someone's dream home on Martha's Vineyard.

Fascinating, but I'll take Dream Home 2015, thank you.


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LOL! I hear ya!

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I envy those just starting out, trying to decide what to collect that would bring them the most joy, for my collecting days are now limited by available space!

A few among them: Russian lacquer boxes, French crystal birds, vintage Christmas ornaments, English coronation cups/plates (vintage to new), vintage annual edition Christmas plates, Spanish porcelain figurines, carnival glass, German beer steins, enameled cloisonné pill boxes (animal shapes), art glass vases, vintage teddy bears, classic metal model cars, miniature English ceramic cottages and life-size sandcast dogs (and one cat) are some of the wonderful things I've enjoyed collecting from my travels over the years -- along with some great local finds too.

They've all filled my home with lots of special memories -- and I think I can still find room somewhere for just a few more....


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Talk about excitement! I finally took a look at the Cabin Cam this morning after a long hiatus. "This is the pits," I said, to no one in particular. What in the heck are they doing now? Oh well, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of things before long....

Then I went to vote on the People's Choice Master Suite options. It had been several days, so after reading some of the comments, I tried to vote "Yes" only to find that "Yes" or "No" were not options. Okay, back to the drawing board, or voting booth. Finally got my votes counted. Turns out I'm good for 7 out of the 8 choices.

I'm feeling lucky now. Maybe time to buy a lotto ticket? Then if I win both (the lottery and the Blog Cabin) I can just pay off all those pesky income taxes and move right in. Who knows -- stranger things have happened.

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In passing -- I doubt this is how Virginia and the Smart Home 2015 photo shoot team is getting around town, but anyway, it looks like this Austin duo is just hanging around after a rough night of partying on Sixth Street.


Maybe they'll head over to the Smart Home later today and catch some of the live action. (I wouldn't mind riding onto the set for a firsthand look myself! Now where did I put them boots and cowboy hat?)

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I find the blogs so entertaining. So many ups and downs, such a range of opinions, personalities and even subterfuge. What more could you ask for?! All while enjoying the games and gems of knowledge gained from our hosts at HGTV and fellow dreamers.

Onward stalwart bloggers -- to Dream Home victory and beyond.

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What a wonderful collage of homey photos from Susan Branch. Thanks, CplusE. They make a blizzard seem like a great adventure that shouldn't be missed!

And in case you missed this photo link of the Dream Home from my comment in the previous DH post: http://instagram.com/p/yZjK8uD6QF/?modal=true

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LinkLineInk: And a pictorial slideshow through Martha's Vineyard after the record-breaking Blizzard of 2015!