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LOL! Another tall "tail" from blogland. ^_^

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The secular, progressively democratic Turkey was always a fascinating and welcoming country to visit.

Hopefully it will one day return to that path.

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The top 5 most implausible reasons why the HGTV Urban Oasis 2014 winner hasn't been revealed:

1. Someone accidentally pressed "delete all" when editing the winner visit video. (A new filming date has to be agreed on -- when the winner gets back from their celebratory around-the-world cruise.)

2. HGTV realized the winning name was accidentally drawn from 2013's online entries. (Now THAT's why it's really important to hit the "delete all" tab -- after each giveaway ends.)

3. The winner is an undercover agent for the CIA whose identity cannot be revealed. (I can identify with that dilemma.)

4. Turns out the winning name was actually drawn from a data entry person's Facebook friends list. (One of the perils of multi-tasking: mixing business with personal social media time.)

5. The family pet wasn't considered eligible after all -- even though your four-legged friend is like part of the family and meets all the other criteria -- age, residence, excluded employers, etc. (I think it primarily has to do with the ability of the IRS to collect the taxes due from the winner.)

I'm sure there are many more creative possibilities to consider....

Vote for your favorite from the top 5, or share one of your own!

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I knew it would happen sooner rather than later. I mean reading about yet another "must see" travel destination to add to my bucket list -- which only grows longer every year -- thanks to the Travel Channel and The Traveling Type blog.

Even if I don't happen to stumble onto the long lost amber panels, it seems there's an amazing variety of exciting experiences awaiting in Berlin and southeastern Germany.

I'll pass, however, on repeating Josh Gates' courageous venture into the mucky tunnels of former Nazi bunkers.

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While Las Vegas is on my travel calendar for a December getaway, I had no idea it would be rated at the #2 spot for top US holiday destinations.

So Ho, Ho, Ho, away I'll go, for 'tis the season for plenty of great dining, some exciting showtime adventures and even a triple lucky 7 jackpot!

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It seems to be the the current theme, COOLSMILEY, until further notice. ^_^

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Amazing what Terri digs up for me to post!

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I know that Texas lays claim to some strange wildlife, but this one in Austin's Zilker Botanical Gardens is extremely rare these days... http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01...

And that's mighty close to Smart Home 2015!

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TWO-BIT Tidbits -- well-known and not so well-known English proverbs

"Life is full of twists and turns."

Unfortunately, the twist is that no matter where you turn, life's Dream Home reveals happen only once a year -- and never soon enough!
D B Coop

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If only we could balance out the weather across the country. California could use more snow, the Northeast could use a lot less. Even with last night's rare thunderstorm, the mountains towering above my home got only a light dusting of snow and the valley floor a little much needed rainfall.

Thankfully, heating bills in the desert cities are very modest. It's the summer A/C bill that knocks people down. For all those woes, I've installed solar panels recently. It's a joy to see those days when the electric company is paying me!

As for the bitter winter weather up North, those that are able spend it in the desert, when our population doubles and out-of-state license plates are the norm.

And to mother nature, I say, "enough is enough." Relent, go gently on the all those suffering your fury in the Great Lakes regions. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, bless them with a kinder weather forecast, keep them safe, and give them a sincerely needed respite from the storm.