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I wonder if the Dream Home 2015 HOA's would allow an animated Christmas lights display like this one?


If not, a more traditional version would bring the holiday spirit to this beautiful home in the twinkle of an LED light.

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LinkLineInk: While cabin cam may soon show us a winter wonderland of white and mistletoe at DIY's Blog Cabin in Coeur d'Alene, the holidays in S. California are bright and festive too, with more than 3 1/2 million lights putting on quite a show at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside, where palm trees are lit from their tip to their toe!





In the meantime, in Coeur d'Alene, some winter images to dream of the Blog Cabin by....



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LinkLineInk: While a favorite recipe for happy holidays is the start of the Dream Home Sweepstakes entries on December 29, here are some deliciously edible and unforgettable favorites shared by America's most famous historic homes, from castles to inns, compliments of HGTV. http://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/ent...

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Christmas at the White House

'Twas some weeks before Christmas, inside the White House
All the folks were so busy, there was no time to grouse
Decorations were hung from every mantel and tree
For millions of dreamers to watch on HGTV

The viewers were nestled all snug in their seats
With hot cocoa to drink and all kinds of good treats
Family and friends were gathered closely around
While the music of Christmas added holiday sound

And then in a twinkling, or so it would seem
Smiling right there before us, as if in a dream
Who to our wondering eyes should appear
But Genevieve Gorder, to the crowd's boisterous cheer

From Red Room, to Green Room and on to the Blue
All the decorations were glittering in every seasonal hue
From the Oval Office to arches and the South portico too
Joy to the season ringing from every angle and view

Yes, it's Christmas again in Washington D. C.
But all 'cross the country most folks would agree
When all's said and done, it was a magical sight
So thank you to all, and to all a good night

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Oh goodie! Dream Home 2015 fan favorites revealed! And the winners are... Dreamers everywhere!

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While a 'round-the-world' airline trip has never appeared at the top of my bucket list yet, it certainly is intriguing -- as long as it's in business class.

I hope we'll get updates on all those great discoveries along the way, and some side notes about the inevitable travel challenges that pop up when least expected.

Enjoy Christmas in Budapest, and Happy New Year on your way to Bali, where the tropical weather, despite the likely rains, will surely make you want to dally!


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If you win the Dream Home, you won't need to bring in the Property Brothers for any renovations, but you can still enter the contest to win a cruise and sail along with them: www.thescottbrothers.com/cruisecontest

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Okay, Kayla, so I've shopped, wrapped, shipped, stressed, traveled, dressed, partied, and napped, but because there's no rest for the weary and I'm still zapped with only a few more days to go before the grand finale, I think I'll turn to eating whatever treats of the season beckon me for solace.

In this case, I'm tempted to go with your suggestion of a rustic bread board as a background for ALL kinds of freshly baked warm breads and plenty of real butter, for although they say "one cannot live by bread alone," I think I could be quite happy trying to prove them wrong!


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I've never met a waffle I didn't like, but there have been a few standouts along the way, so the idea of brown butter and eggnog waffles has me battered-up and ready to swing for the real thing!


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I started out singing it, COOLSMILEY, but it gradually wore me down after looking through the virtual tours room by room by room searching for just the right number of items! The end result was a very long blog post and crossed eyes. (My fingers were too tired to cross by the time I finished the task!)